CYC is an elastic supply rebase token (like AMPL and ESC) with a base evaluation tied to the Chinese Yuan. It was launched on the Binance Smart Chain version of AnySwap just before Christmas in 2020, in a two week Christmas farming campaign

CYC is not directly related to the Fusion ecosystem since it exists only on Binance Smart Chain, and making elastic supply tokens cross-chain is a little bit more complex than tokens that have stagnant wallet-balances. 

The reason I consider it to be part of the Fusion ecosystem is because it was created and launched by @Zhaojun_sh who has led and developed Fusion mainnet for a long time and is leading DCRM adoption through AnySwap and if anyone could port over an elastic supply token to Fusion from another chain, it's him.

The initial campaign where CYC was created was a cataclysmic event, because the initial yield rates in the CYC farm were the most extreme anyone has ever witnessed in crypto. It was literally possible to double your quadruple your stack in an hour because people rushed in and the yield alone doubled you, or to have your stack rebased to nothing because earlier yielders dumped on you. After the initial 2-4 days (and 2 halvings) the mcap had undergone a full bull and bear crypto cycle and then essentially died off. Basically it was crypto dynamics on fas forward.

What's happened after this, is nothing, so now CYC is merely a rebase token. Supply grows a little as someone gets in and goes down a little as someone goes out. It'd be fair to call it a microcap, and as long as nothing more is done for it it'll likely stay as such.

Still the coin has it's own TG-chanel and some good ideas discussed on . @marcelsecu is also working on a detailed analysis page for CYC, with accurate rebase history and other relevant information. At the moment you have to watch AnySwap price and to have a good idea about what's going on.

Essentially CYC might end up as nothing due to @Zhaojun_sh not having time to evolve it, but it could just as easily eventually end up as an intricate part of AnySwap's (and even Fusion's) ecosystem at some point. At the moment it at least still holds a good and visible spot on AnySwap BSC. 

Important to note is that CYC supply is currently heavily tied to BNB price movements as the only liquidity pool is CYC/BNB.