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DeFi and Automated Market Making

Though Fusion originally set out to revolutionize Crypto Finance, the existence of AMM (arguably the most important and basic invention of DeFi) is something to primarily be credited to projects such as Bancor and UniSwap who brought it to market on the Ethereum Blockchain. AnySwap which is where FSN began its AMM journey was the first protocol to truly have brought AMM cross-chain. AMM bases itself on the constant product market formula x*y = c. Today Fusion and Chainge is really revolutionizing cross-chain aggregation swaps.

After AnySwap was created; providing liquidity in LP-contracts became a large use case for FSN, since any crypto-asset could now be bridged onto Fusion and be paired with FSN in a liquidity pool. 

Today the most prominent liquidity on Fusion exists on the Chainge spot DEX, but to some extent also on the Freemoon DEX which is the most openended DEX, when it comes to allowing all kinds of contract formats that exist on Fusion.

Fusion is in a unique spot when it comes to unique LP pairings, having thousands of bridged universal assets. In few places could you combine two assets into liquidity so freely. However, big whale liquidity providers may as of yet have failed to notice this, but the attention Fusion and Chainge recieves is constantly growing.

After Chainge launched its DEX Trilogy, Fusion is also host to the quite unique Futures, and Options DEXs. Later on Fusion is likely to see the GMX Perpetual DEX launched on Fusion through Chainge (who already supports this type of margin trading on other chains).

Fusion also holds an active lending platform in the form of and another lending project has for a long time desired to launch of Fusion, but are still waiting on the right opportunity.

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