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FMN and FREE are both tokens that are issued through the FREEMOON faucet and both are in the FRC759 format. They utilize in particular the minting functions of FRC759, which means that anyone can mint them by completing a specific task in order to release them from a total supply that is decentralized and controlled by no one.


But both FMN and FREE started off with a certain amount pre-minted tokens, but even these pre-minted tokens are out of anyone's direct control.

In the case of FREE the amount is 100 million, was made 100% liquid with BTC on the Chainge DEX and the liquidity tokens burnt.

In the case of FMN the amount is 10 and it is under FSN/FUSE governance meaning holders of these LP-tokens decide their fate.  Some votes regarding this has already been started.

Besides being bought on Chainge DEX, FREE can be claimed or minted in multiple ways by addresses subscribed to the FREEMOON faucet on (the cost of which is 1 FSN)

1. Manually claim 1 FREE every hour.

2. Start bots (which all need to subscribe too for 1 FSN each) that claim 1 FREE each every hour automatically.

The reason to have FREE is that holding FREE will give you a higher chance to win FMN when doing a claim on the FREEMOON faucet.

Below odds, represent the chance of winning the first FMN, but every consecutive FMN will be 10% tougher.


  • 0 to 1 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 0 chance of 1 FMN 

  • 1 to 100 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in a billion chance of 1 FMN 

  • 100 to 1000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 100 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 1000 to 10 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 10 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 10 000 to 25 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 1 million chance of 1 FMN

  • 25 000 to 50 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 500 000 chance of 1 FMN

  • 50 000 to 100 000 FREE in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 250 000 chance of 1 FMN

  • 100 000 FREE or more in your subscribed wallet = 1 in 100 000 chance of 1 FMN 

There is also a top amount FREE and FMN there could ever be. For FREE this is 100 billion and for FMN it is 1000. However, there is not really meant to be an upper limit, because burnings (which will be made from time to time) when done in the FRC758 formats go back into the minting supply, which means they can once again be minted. Also with the 10% increase in difficulty factor every time FMN no1000 will be 2,46 *10^41 times tougher to win than the first FMN was, so I doubt we'll ever see it.

The odds used to determine if an FMN is won or not is based on the the tx hash and the block hash of the time that the claim is made. If the random hash generated based on these is low enough according to currently required odds of that address an FMN will be awarded.

Besides the FREEMOON faucet FREEMOON has also launched a DEX A simple DEX but without restrictions, where LP between any two FRC20, FRC758 or FRC759 can be possible.

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