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Anyswap (now Multichain)

In 2020 AnySwap was the star application built on FUSION the first DEX launched outside Ethereum,  and soon after the first cross-chain bridge. The company was led and founded by the FUSION CTO at the time @zhaojun_sh (on Twitter). As AnySwap grew and connected more and more chains, the connection to FUSION faded however. In an event where Anyswap rebranded to Multichain the connection between the two was for most purposes lostIn March 2023 Chainge moved its browser based UI of their cross-chain aggregator to the domain name which was controversially secured by DJ Qian through aid of decentralized escrow   in the aftermath of the Multichain brand change.

Though the original DEX Anyswap, still remains on Fusion, it's not very active. Multichain has achieved great things in the cryptospace and it's very sad that FUSION could not follow along the whole way on that journey. But FUSION found a new ally in Chainge, which has propelled it to new and possible even greater heights, in ways it was always meant to happen but also in new surpising ways nobody ever could have expected.

Regardless of anyones opinion around the drama of these events, it is amazing that two so great projects have been founded on FUSION. Below are some relavent links relating to AnySwap/Multichain.

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