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Noteworthy Contributors

Note: The following list is not for active employees of Fusion Foundation, or anything such, but is a list of people who has given some blood and tears towards the success of Fusion in one way or the other.  Kind of like an all time MVP-list. All of them don't have a public profile, so they are instead identified by their TG-handles.



@djqian  - Founder of Fusion and head of the Fusion Foundation. Also known as the founder of BitSE which incubated Vechain and Qtum. He is currently developing Chainge.Finance an app powered by Fusion aimed at attracting the massmarket to Crypto Finance and bringing all the technology developed by Fusion into reality. A truly impressive undertaking.

@individuaLpirate - Creator of this website, conceptualist of the FREEMOON faucet  and creator of the FUSE asset. Also an admin in most of the Fusion Telegram channels. Attempts to be a positive force for Fusion, while at the same time exposing both good and bad things. Came up with the names of many projects that run on Fusion.

@Zhaojun_sh - Former CTO who was deeply involved in originally developing Fusion's core technology, and engaging the original Fusion developer community. Has since co-founded Anyswap, which eventually turned into Multichain the most frequently used cross-chain routing/bridging solution and a competitor to Chainge on these aspects.

@AlfredXu - A developer that worked closely with @Zhaojun_sh in developing DCRM cross-chain technology.

@Philip_Fan - The current lead dev of Fusion, leading work on network upgrade, new Fusion block explorer and upkeep of He has led the final stages of Fusion to become a fully capbable EVM chain able to host all of crypto.


@Ox33c1c - Works with Philip on the UI side in new implementations/improvements

@vlad_1v - A talented UX specialist who designed the original interface for AnySwap and is currently working with Chainge to make it as easy to use and appealing as possible. His goals with Chainge is to constantly improve it so that UX always becomes better and better.

@Oanna_B - A marketing magician who heads up brand planning, video creation, social media engagement and marketing execution of Chainge. Chainge is meant to seem simple and advanced at the same time, and Oanna does well to capture this essence.


@Hunter19861024 - Highly skilled coder who is responsible for new integrations into Chainge Finance. 


@kingxzhu - Highly skilled coder who has helped build most of Chainge Finance backend.

@andrecronje - One of the most famed people of crypto DeFi. Currently he holds no role with Fusion, but in 2019 he was highly involved and showed again some level of excitement when his favorite network was integrated into AnySwap. In his endorsement of AnySwap the Fusion ecosystem caught a lot of eyeballs.

@Luuc2021 - Highly engaged Social media warrior, spreading the word about Fusion every day and encouraging others to do the same. He is probably one of the most active Twitterers on all of Crypto Twtter. 

@Nifopu - Is another engaged Twitter warrior, and one of the bigger long-term investors in Chainge and Fusion that also helps keep the investor community together in Telegram and quickly engages to fix things whenever problems arise.

@redstoneus - A point of contact for the team behind

@BitJoe - A retired Fusion developer who headed the original implementations of Fusions Quantum Swap market in MyFusionWallet.

@algoreee - The man behind FSNEX and Fusion Mining. Nobody has done more work in terms of bringing the Fusion Blockchain into the light for easy overview. Historically he was also known as a fair and neutral community administrator in the Fusion Telegram channels..

@marcelsecu - A programmer who has involved himself highly with the Fusion blockchain and began to work on an e-commerce type app based on Fusion. The status of the app is unknown, but he also does documentation and community management for AnySwap and heads uo the Fusion development telegram channel.

@Dimaspace - An engaged crypto writer, who envisions great things for the role of blockchain in the financial world in the near future. A never-ending tornado of ideas for adoption, who sees Fusion as a center for all of it.

@JB_SE - Runs Node Networks, perhaps the most professional pool and also creates video content for both Fusion and AnySwap. Furthermore he's created FSNfeed a site designed to try and automate news flow and social media flow for Fusion.

@paddyc1 - The programmer who created and actively maintains and repairs it if the need arises. 

@kczrh - Did a lot of work with partnerships for the Fusion Foundation in 2019 and was involved with recruiting the cryptographers who verified DCRM as well as the Chainlink integration. Currently he is making use of Fusion for his app Dopamine (formerly known as Crypto Mass Adpotion). Well connected in the crypto space and also in the financial sector in Switzerland, but has a controversial role in the Fusion community due to his sometimes public dissatisfaction with current Fusion Foundation.

@johnl1 - Played an important role in the Fusion Foundation for a long time, almost acting as a main spokesman and after this headed up development of WeDeFi an app built on Fusion in 2020. Sadly the project was abandoned late 2020, but Chainge aims to replace what WeDeFi meant to do.

@Satori25 - Former funds manager of the Fusionite Guerilla that temprarily managed 1 million TL FSN to promote Fusion in every possible way. Is still actively, but silently promoting Fusion in engagement with various crypto sites.

@Gabz0 and @JokkeCokke - Two brothers who took on the task of redesigning

@raptor1990 - A skilled webdesigner, filmmaker and brand manager who is working to refresh Fusion's public image together with the Fusionite Guerilla.

@marsmarcus - Skilled graphics designer who did many graphics for the promotion of Fusion. Also created the the FMN and FREE logos.

@georgesemail - Won the market lead man election in 2020, where he became responsible for all marketing of Fusion for the second half of the year. Comissioned a great amount of articles and brought Fusion to the attention of many different influencers in the crypto space

@arminkkkkk - Created the first community made block explorer for Fusion It currently serves as an important backup to FSNEX in case there should be some issue with FSNEX. A talented developer who might or might not do more Fusion-related work in the future. 

@Iruwen - Perhaps the most important Fusion critic, with a background of doing work for coin market cap has deep insights both into the crypto industry as a whole, but also blockchain security. He has never been a heavy Fusion investor, but helps out because he likes the community.

@kryptoon - One of the earliest and largest investors in Fusion and has been running the biggest single person node. In part he has been an early adopter of the swap market to achieve this. He is also an important critic when comes to improving network security.

@spacecowb00y - Ran FSNpool once one of the biggest staking pools, and often the biggest one. Also a good illustrator, who among other things created the initial "Fusionite" logo.

@MattG - Partook in the Marketing lead election of 2020 ad runs a smaller Fusion staking pool. Associate of @askmarcus who is currently aiming to organize Fusion marketing.

@ChookzN - For a very long time, one the most loyal supporter of Fusion and a good spokesperson and a very skilled writer, who wrote some of the best worded articles on Fusion and Chainge.

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