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Universal Assets

On the Chaindata page you can see a more or less complete list of current FRC759 assets running on Fusion through Chainge. These are considered universal assets (meaning they're directly interoperable with underlying chains they were derived from), since they're compatible with many other networks across cryptocurrency networks. Fusion aims to lead blockchain interoperability, which is why such a wide array of assets have been brought to Fusion. Fusion is also used as a routing network for Chainge Finance roaming and aggregation. This creates a direct need for the universal assets, as they often become an inbetween step for moving assets between two other chains where they are more established. But universal assets can also be used in Fusion DEXs, and on the Chainge Spot DEX and on anyone can swap or proivide liquidity for them.

Universal assets rely on the DCRM alliance implemantation of DCRM for custody. Everything is automized and is an evolution of Fusion's patent regarding asset maping.

FRC / Fusion Assets

Though Universal assets (FRC759) may be the most promintent asset type on Fusion, there exists also several other asset types.


FRC759 - Is the format used by Chainge for universal cross-chain spot assets, and anyone who wishes to get a token listed on Chainge Finance will need it to be in this format.

FRC758 - Is an older format that can be used for assets not intended for cross-chain, but where Time-framing is still enabled. For example, Chainge uses FRC758 for options.

FRC20 - This is the same contract type as a simple ERC20 on Ethereum. It is useful due to the fact that this token format is what the cryptocurrency market has adopted as a standard, but on Fusion FRC759 is the standard. If you want to employ Multichain for a bridge or stick purely on Fusion (outside Chainge) FRC20 would suffice.


Fusion Asset - Fusion assets are easy to create by anyone, with the very simple Create Asset function in myfusionwallet. They are immediately compatible with TLs and the Swap Market. The drawback of them is that they have not been adopted readily by the cryptocurrency market because they're not EVM compatible.

FRC721 - This is a standard NFT format used by some projects on Fusion like Fusion Web3 Domains, and Bunnypunk

FRC1155 - Is supported by FSNscan but is not yet in use.

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