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Unique Identity Features

Fusion is a blockchain focused on finance, but it's also intertwined with several identity systems. You can use all of these systems together to create a comprehensive identity solution.

Public Keys: Every address on a public blockchain has a unique public key, which can serve as an identity due to the public nature of the blockchain and its ability to track all activities through block explorers.

Chainge Account: Users with a Chainge Finance wallet can share their Chainge Identity, making it an alternative to a complex public key. This system is exclusive to Chainge and only Chainge users can send and identify each other through this system. The receiving address will always be the active one in the user's Chainge wallet and funds will be received on Fusion. Chainge may improve its social functions in the future to make it easier for Chainge users to interact with one another.

Domains: Public keys can be complex, so using decentralized domains is a popular alternative. On Fusion, you can register .fsn domains on, which can be connected to your public key and known under a specific name that will show up in and in certain wallets. In the future, this may evolve to encompass more than just .fsn domains. Domains offer a rigid way to build an identity on the blockchain for individuals and businesses alike.

USAN: Universal Simple Account Number is another type of address that can be used on Fusion as an alternative to public keys. It's a unique and easy-to-remember number, like a phone number, and can be generated with the help of and Currently, USAN is limited to reception of FSN or Fusion assets, not interoperable FRC759 assets. After creation USANs exist on Fusion kind of like an NFT and they can also be traded on the Quantum Swap Market. An extra simple and intuitive USAN could thus actually become worth some money for the same reasons that a popular domain name could be worth some money. The USAN market has though as of yet been quite limited, but who knows what will happen once better and more intuitive wallets support them?

Twitter Handle: Chainge has made it possible to use a Twitter handle as a reception point for crypto. This is revolutionary because: 1) much of the crypto industry is already using Twitter as a strong identity platform and 2) you don't need a Chainge wallet to receive crypto through your Twitter handle, just connect it to your Chainge wallet when desired.

Phone Number: You can also send funds to a phone number through Chainge, making it a natural way to introduce close friends to cryptocurrencies. The process is similar to using a Twitter handle.

Elastos Identity: Elastos has built an identity layer and its Essentials wallet carries this system, while fully supporting all established assets on Fusion. As a result, Elastos Identity becomes useful on Fusion and any chain it interoperates with.

Other Social Media Accounts: Chainge and Fusion will support connecting other social media accounts in the future, such as Telegram, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, email, and more. This eventually will make the reception of cryptocurrencies as natural as receiving a text message.

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