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Chainge Finance has introduced two groundbreaking cross-chain concepts to Fusion.

-The first concept is cross-chain roaming, which is an evolution of the cross-chain bridging concept. Cross-chain roaming adopts the idea of universal assets, where the chain on which an asset is located should not matter as long as the contracts of the assets are intended to be the same and are appropriately backed. Once they are accepted as being the same, they can be treated as being the same, as long as they can all have a common routing asset and associated liquid bridges between one another. The routing asset is the "universal asset" version found on Fusion. Cross-chain roaming requires a super smooth UX that can enable multiple transaction signing at once to communicate a broader intent to the blockchain of collecting an asset from multiple chains into one place. This is enabled by the Chainge mobile application, which allows users to move an asset from 1,2, 5, 10 (or even more) different chains into one chain in a single action. Cross-chain roaming is highly advanced, and no other application besides Chainge Finance comes close to enabling something like it. As Fusion is the routing network for this interaction, many assets get moved to Fusion, or at the very least, through Fusion, as assets are routed cross-chain.

-The second concept is cross-chain aggregation, which builds on the idea of cross-chain roaming by adding asset swapping. For aggregation to be possible, not only do chains need to be connected, but also "local" DEXes and aggregators. Many aggregators are "multichain," aggregating on more than one chain, but they need Chainge's cross-chain functionalities to aggregate across chains. Some other aggregators may be able to support multiple chains  aggregate across two of them at a time in one swap, but the Chainge cross-chain aggregator can aggregate across all supported chains (40+) in a single swap. The results of the swap are always routed through Fusion, following the same principle as cross-chain roaming. The aggregator always seeks the best possible deal for its users, regardless what chains or Aggregators or DEXs that might bring them through.

Both cross-chain roaming and aggregation have been open-sourced, and anyone is allowed to build them into their application. With the growing number of assets supported, more and more projects are interested in building this massive aggregator into their systems, resulting in more and more asset volume being aggregated or bridged through Fusion in an ever greater number of transactions.

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