Social Media

Social Media is an easy way to spread news and information regarding a cryptocurrency. Below is a list of important social media feeds that relate to the Fusion Blockchain.

News Feeds

Fusion Guide - the guide and news site for all things Fusion

FSN FEED - a collection of news feeds about Fusion

Chainge News - A news site about Chainge


Fusion - official Foundation Twitter

DJ Qian - personal Twitter

Zhao Jun - personal Twitter

AnySwap - official Twitter

Chainge - official Twitter


Fusion Official  -

Fusion Community and Trading -

Fusion Developers -

FUSMOON Official - (semi-serious Moon channel for bulls)

Anyswap -

AnySwap Markets -

Chainge -

SMPCWallet -

Fusionite Chat - (dedicated to this website)

Fusion (Russian) -

Fusion (German) -

Fusion (Chinese) -

Fusion (Scandinavian) -

CYC chat -


Fusion Reddit - The official Reddit about Fusion

Talk AnySwap - a forum to discuss ideas and governance revolving AnySwap


Fusion Foundation  -  Official communications from the Foundation

AnySwap - Official communication from AnySwap

Dimaspace - Lots of articles, ideas and analysis about the potential of Fusion

Individual Pirate - Medium of the creator of


Fusion Discord -


Fusion Official  - (currently not very active)

Video Channels

Node Networks -

AnySwap -