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Social Media

Social Media is an easy way to spread news and information regarding a cryptocurrency. Below is a list of important social media feeds that relate to the Fusion Blockchain.

News Feeds

Fusion Guide - the guide and news site for all things Fusion


Fusion - official Foundation Twitter

DJ Qian - personal Twitter

Chainge - official Twitter


Fusion Official  -

Fusionite Open Chat -

Fusion Developers -

Chainge -

The Freemoon Faucet -

Fusion (Russian) -

Fusion (German) -

Fusion (Chinese) -

Fusion (Scandinavian) -


FusionBlockchain Reddit - A new Reddit about the Fusion Ecosystem

Old Reddit - The original Fusion Foundation reddit


Individual Pirate - Medium of the creator of

Fusion Foundation  -  Very old Official communications from the old Foundation (historic value)

Dimaspace - Lots of articles, ideas and analysis about the potential of Fusion (not active)

Useful Links - Useful comparative data about the Network not found in Explorers

Fusion Mining - All manner of great statistics regarding Fusion Staking.

Staking Calculator - Get a basic idea of the interest you can expect if you stake FSN.

Node Monitor - A basic overview of Fusion nodes.

Githubs - Various githubs with Fusion related development

Fusion Foundation - The original github

FOSC - Fusion community github (mostly active in 2020)

Chainge - Chainge github

Freemoon faucet - The Freemoon faucet github


Fusionite Discord (with the Midjourney art bot) -

Fusion Discord -


Fusion Official  - (currently not very active)

Video Channels

Node Networks -

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