Fusion is ready to use and build on, and is in this sense an already "finished project". However, there are goals set that are yet not complete, so below is a "loose" and non-official list of estimates of upgrades for 2022 either by Fusion itself or by apps who heavily affect the whole network. This roadmap is in no way a promise by anyone, just what might be expected based on how things are developing right now.

2022 Q1

-100+ assets on Fusion ✔

-New block explorer, with better transparancy and support for FRC758 and FRC759 transactions  ✔ 

-More network integrations, supporting more than just EVM tokens ✔ 

-Contract switch from FRC758 to 759* ✔ 

-Enabling farming of whatever tokens in Chainge* ✔ 


2022 Q2

-More big centralized exchange listings

-Ability to send assets through Twitter/Phone number* 

-Chainge Cross-chain DEX aggregator to make use of DEX liquidity of every DEX on every chain when swaping on Fusion ✔

-A new DEX, which will make it easier for projects to get going on Fusion 

-Release of FRC759 vB contracts*

-Making Fusion the clear no 1 Network of Interoperability 

2022 Q3-Q4

-Cross-chain aggregator implemented by other projects, still requiring Fusion as gas under the hood*

-Open sourcing Chainge api/abi, for anyone to use*

-Over 30 million USD worth of daily traded value* 

-Fusion 5.0 hardfork, improving automization of TL-closing and implementing an Ethereumesque previous block based base-gas fee system*

-Over 2 million daily transactions

-Ability to send assets through email/telegram/other social media*

-1000+ assets on Fusion

-Updated version of Myfusionwallet and ability to use hardware wallets on Fusion with 0 issues

-Higher✔ / full recognition of Fusion DEX markets in the crypto space

-Being easy to establish yourself on Fusion and be fully recognised for it, regardless if you create Fusion contracts yourself, get help from Chainge or MultiChain with bridging

-A way to swap and use Chainge DEX on Desktop

-Many influencers impressed by/used the Chainge app* ✔

-Network awareness spread during crypto events* ✔

-Fiat gateway

-DCRM gateway integrated directly into the Fusion network

-NFT marketplaces on Fusion  ✔+ cross-chain functionality

-FSNscan support for NFTs* ✔

-Chainge support for Fusion based NFTs* 

-Fully supported by the Essentials wallet* ✔

-Chainge gaining WalletConnect type functions*

-Card based hardware wallet*

-Launch of a margin trading DEX*

-Crypto games on Fusion

-500 mil TVL target

-Ability to use native Fusion functions like QS and TL in EVM smart contracts together in a good way

-Integration of almost every top 100 project on Fusion

-Oracle integration

-More advanced escrow functions

-Evaluation of the future of cryptography and the need for future updates to keep the network great and relevant

*These item were not part of the map originally, but was added retrospectively due to being considered a significant achievements/milestones