Fusion is ready to use and build on, and is in this sense an already "finished project". However, there are goals set that are yet not complete, so below is a "loose" and non-official list of estimates of upgrades for 2021 either by Fusion itself or by apps who heavily affect the whole network. This roadmap is in no way a promise by anyone, just what might be expected based on how things are developing right now.

2021 Q4

-Network upgrade Nov 25th ✔

-Decentralized Escrow on Chainge

-More network Integrations

-100+ assets on Fusion

-200 mil TVL target

-More big centralized exchange listings

-New block explorer, with better transparancy and support for FRC758 transactions

2022 Q1

-Fiat gateway

-A way to swap and use Chainge DEX on Desktop

-New strike prices and new dates for Options/Futures Chainge

-Becoming the clear no 1 Network of Interoperability, supporting more than just EVM tokens

-Chainge Cross-chain DEX aggregator to make use of DEX liquidity of every DEX on every chain when swaping on Fusion


2022 Q2

-DCRM gateway integrated directly into the Fusion network