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One of the first things you need to know about any cryptocurrency that you own, is what wallet you can store it in. Fusion uses ECDSA type signatures (the same as Ethereum), which means that if you have an address on Ethereum you will also own this address on Fusion, but you might need to use a different wallet than you're used to for access as not every wallet will support the Fusion network.

Right now these options are available:

Chainge - Chainge is an advanced application and wallet that supports a large number of networks, but primarily operates on Fusion and also routes cross-chain transactions through Fusion. Unlike many other crypto wallets Chainge doesn't require that every single transaction is signed. Instead when signing, you typically perform a larger number of transactions which together represent the action you meant to perform. This fact allows more complex operations to be simplified in a manner where the user more effectively can perform the actions that they want to perform, whether that is moving assets cross-chain, trading, harvesting rewards, providing liquidity, writing options or setting up contracts. The span of the application is great and includes: an AMM DEX, a Futures DEX, Options DEX support for a great amount of assets on Fusion and many other chains and a way to seamlessly move between the chains called cross-chain roaming which is powered by Fusion DCRM. It also has completely unique features which allows the user to simply set up complex operations such as decentralized escrow and writing options. Currently Chainge only exists on mobile on both Android and iOS. Your phone number (not your phone) is a very central part of your Chainge account and identity. SMS sent to your phone number is important in activating Chainge on different devices where you wish to run it. It is also important to remember your chosen 6-digit passcode, as forgetting it may mean losing access. As a beginner to Chainge your private key will be unknown to you and everybody else. Custody is split with DCRM in a way where you hold part of it and part is held by Chainge servers. It is highly reccomended to as soon as you can change into "Expert mode" as this allows you to enter your own seed words into the app, allowing it to be a wallet you fully control yourself and a wallet that could be used in other applications as well. You can move not just assets between wallets with Chainge but also the future and options counterparts for each asset. Chainge also has plans to expand the use of its identity network where users can interact in  a more social way with user names instead of crypto adresses. Expanding of the ideas behind Fusion USAN.

Chainge can't handle everything though. Here are some things for which Chainge can't be used:

1. Can't be combined with hardware wallets

2. Can't be used with web-based or desktop apps (this is likely to become possible in the near future through wallet connect)

3. Doesn't support custom contracts, nor transactions of its own LP-tokens.

4. Doesn't support older formats like Fusion assets or FRC20 or the Quantum Swap market. It supports the FRC758 of tokens and almost all features are dervived from time-framing, but also AMM, EVM-type smart contracts and of course Fusion DCRM.

MetaMask - Though MetaMask is not a Fusion wallet as such, it's easy to customize to work on the Fusion blockchain. It's very useful in handling FRC20 tokens because any custom contract can be added to it and you can connect with it to AnySwap both in a browser and in your mobile phone. You can also use it for FRC758s, though "futures" will appear as invisible until their "future time" has arrived. MetaMask is also currently needed to execute voting with ANY and FUSE/FSN. An important use case for MetaMask on Fusion currently is that you need to use it to be able to connect to where you can claim FREE, have a chance to win FMN and also mint FREE by aid of CHNG, FMN or FSN and FREE in LP. There's also a possibility to farm with ANY or FSN in LP on AnySwap v1.

The image shows how you need to configure a custom network to connect to Fusion with MetaMask. To connect to Fusion with MetaMask you can set it up like this:

Network name: Fusion

RPC gateway:

Chain ID: 32659

Symbol: FSN

Block Explorer:

Unless you are dealing with Time-locked assets, or the quantum swap market Metamask is also the best way for hard ware wallet users to connect to Fusion. It is reccomended that hardware wallet users use the Metamask Firefox extention instead of the Chrome extention due to some odd changes lately by the chrome browser. - This is at the moment considered the best wallet for accessing and transacting TL FSN. It supports hardware wallets such as ledger and trezor and can also be accessed by all the regular ways such as private key, seed phrase or json-file. It also allows you to customize the derivation path for your seed phrase, so that regardless of what wallet you normally use and what path that wallet uses you could access your address with whallet. Whallet can also access a customized network, which means that it could theoretically be used for any blockchain. However, it, as of yet, lacks a way to add in custom tokens, making it mostly useful for FSN on Fusion as well as ANY which has pre-added support. It can also handle the native function of Fusion Time-locks, which work flawlessly with whallet.

MyFusionWallet - Was the original wallet made for Fusion and although it hasn't received updates for a long time. It's still the only place where you can have full access to all the native Fusion functions such as Time-locks, Quantum Swaps, USAN creation and Fusion asset creation and display. It can also be accessed through ledger and has all the basic access choices like, but lacks support for Trezors. The Quantum Swap market and time-locks may at times have some troubles when accessed through myfusionwallet, but as of now it remains the best point of access for the complete package. It has also often experienced issues with being connected to an out of date RPC-gateway making token balances out of date and inaccurate. Another use case of is its full display of decryption. When entering a seedphrase, you will get a full list of derived adresses, and you can customize the derivation path however you want. This is quite enlightening in understanding encryption. For people who are hunting for $FMN it also has a use case, as it can help them identify the adresses of all the bots in their bot army. It has been stated that will continue to be looked after, so it's possible that it once again will become the primary web wallet for Fusion.

Ledger - has been the recommended hardware wallet to use with Fusion, but at the moment it isn't working well. Though whallet also supports Trezor, Ledger can be used for so much more, such as easy access to AnySwap and can also be connected to MetaMask to execute voting and other special types of txs. A hardware wallet like Ledger is needed to make sure your FSN are completely safe as it makes sure you don't give away private keys to a phising site when executing txs or accessing your wallet. Therefore  a ledger would always be recommended if the value of your FSN is high. In order to use ledger with Fusion, you use the regular Ethereum app, but change the settings of it so that Contract Data is set to YES and Data Display is set to NO. If you have a lot of assets sitting in your Chainge wallet but desire to move them to a ledger for security you can use the chaindata page to find most of the relevant contracts. Currently if you have MacOS, it seems it can be troublesome for you to connect to both and with your ledger. Therefore if you are in need to handle time-lock transactions on your ledger, you currently need to somehow use a Windows system instead. If your ledger is up to date, it's possible you also need to connect to your ledger address in ledger live before connecting to whallet or myfusionwallet.

Dopamine - is a mobile application which has among other things a fusion wallet built into it as well as full access to AnySwap and every network integrated into it. It can access the Quantum Swap markets and also support Fusion Time-locks and all functions of AnySwap. For AnySwap  DEX it is now working well and probably provides the smoothest mobile experience for AnySwap DEX, especially if you're using multiple networks.

Other wallets - Elastos Essentials is another wallet that supports Fusion and some of the common Chainge based FRC758 assets . Further TokenPocket can be customized like Metamask to support Fusion and other networks. There might also exist other wallets like this that can be customized for any EVM.

On Other chains

FSN can also be held on other chains than Fusion. Currently it exists also on Ethereum, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain and Fantom. Most of these are in the form of aFSN which can be bridged or redeemed through AnySwap. However there exists also the original issue contract on Ethereum (from before Fusion existed) and the Binance Chain FSN is also tied to this old contract.

Ethereum FSN

aFSN - 0x979aCA85bA37c675e78322ed5d97fa980B9Bdf00 - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

old FSN (erc20) - 0xd0352a019e9ab9d757776f532377aaebd36fd541 - can be converted to mainnet FSN with mainnet token swap.

(Works with any Ethereum wallets)

Binance Chain FSN (Bep2)

old  FSN (bep2) - FSN-E14 - can be converted to old FSN (erc20) by help of

(Works with, for example TrustWallet)

Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)

BSC FSN (Chainge) - 0xfa4fa764f15d0f6e20aaec8e0d696870e5b77c6e

aFSN - 0x4f6318e97011fe21fdfce3ffcf868d44e5f6994a - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

(Works with, for example, BSC configured MetaMask)

Huobi Eco Chain (HRC20)

HECO FSN (Chainge) - 0xa790b07796abed3cdaf81701b4535014bf5e1a65

aFSN - - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

(Works with, for example, HECO configured MetaMask)


aFSN - 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.​

(Works with, for example, Fantom configured MetaMask)

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