One of the first things you need to know about any cryptocurrency that you own, is what wallet you can store it in. Fusion uses ECDSA type signatures (the same as Ethereum), which means that if you have an address on Ethereum you will also own this address on Fusion, but you might need to use a different wallet than you're used to for access as not every wallet will support the Fusion network.

Right now these options are available:

whallet.net - This is at the moment considered the best wallet for accessing and transacting FSN. It supports hardware wallets such as ledger and trezor and can also be accessed by all the regular ways such as private key, seed phrase or json-file. It also allows you to customize the derivation path for your seed phrase, so that regardless of what wallet you normally use and what path that wallet uses you could access your address with whallet. Whallet can also access a customized network, which means that it could theoretically be used for any blockchain. However, it, as of yet, lacks a way to add in custom tokens, making it mostly useful for FSN on Fusion as well as ANY which has pre-added support. It can also handle the native function of Fusion Time-locks, which work flawlessly with whallet.

MetaMask - Though MetaMask is not a Fusion wallet as such, it's easy to customize to work on the Fusion blockchain. It's very useful in handling FRC20 tokens because any custom contract can be added to it and you can connect with it to AnySwap both in a browser and in your mobile phone. The image shows how you need to configure a custom network to connect to Fusion with MetaMask. MetaMask is also currently needed to execute voting with ANY and FUSE/FSN.

MyFusionWallet - Was the original wallet made for Fusion and although it hasn't received updates for a long time. It's still the only place where you can have full access to all the native Fusion functions such as Time-locks, Quantum Swaps, USAN creation and Fusion asset creation and display. It can also be accessed through ledger and has all the basic access choices like whallet.net, but lacks support for Trezors. The Quantum Swap market and time-locks may at times have some troubles when accessed through myfusionwallet, but as of now it remains the best point of access for the complete package.


Ledger - is the recommended hardware wallet to use with Fusion. Though whallet also supports Trezor, Ledger can be used for so much more, such as easy access to AnySwap and can also be connected to MetaMask to execute voting and other special types of txs. A hardware wallet like Ledger is needed to make sure your FSN are completely safe as it makes sure you don't give away private keys to a phising site when executing txs or accessing your wallet. Therefore  a ledger would always be recommended if the value of your FSN is high. In order to use ledger with Fusion, you use the regular Ethereum app, but change the settings of it so that Contract Data is set to YES and Data Display is set to NO.

Dopamine - is a mobile application still undergoing development and fine-tuning, but which has among other things a fusion wallet built into it as well as full access to AnySwap and every network integrated into it. It can access the Quantum Swap markets and also aims to support Fusion Time-locks and all functions of AnySwap. It should still be considered a product in testing, however for AnySwap it is now working well and provides the smoothest mobile experience for AnySwap, especially if you're using multiple networks.

Chainge - Chainge is likely to hold many,  if not all, of Fusion functions supported in it's wallet. But as it is yet to launch this remains to be seen.

On Other chains

FSN can also be held on other chains than Fusion. Currently it exists also on Ethereum, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain and Fantom. Most of these are in the form of aFSN which can be bridged or redeemed through AnySwap. However there exists also the original issue contract on Ethereum (from before Fusion existed) and the Binance Chain FSN is also tied to this old contract.

Ethereum FSN

aFSN - 0x979aCA85bA37c675e78322ed5d97fa980B9Bdf00 - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

old FSN (erc20) - 0xd0352a019e9ab9d757776f532377aaebd36fd541 - can be converted to mainnet FSN with mainnet token swap.

(Works with any Ethereum wallets)

Binance Chain FSN (Bep2)

old  FSN (bep2) - FSN-E14 - can be converted to old FSN (erc20) by help of https://bnbridge.exchange/

(Works with, for example TrustWallet)

Binance Smart Chain (Bep20)

aFSN - 0x4f6318e97011fe21fdfce3ffcf868d44e5f6994a - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

(Works with, for example, BSC configured MetaMask)

Huobi Eco Chain (HRC20)

aFSN - - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.

(Works with, for example, HECO configured MetaMask)


aFSN - 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f - can be redeemed to mainnet FSN through AnySwap bridge.​

(Works with, for example, Fantom configured MetaMask)