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How to buy FSN?

The best liquidity for FSN currently exists in the FSN/USDT pairing of Huobi Global, so for anyone seeking to acquire a larger amount of FSN this is likely the best place to seek to acquire it.

For those seeking a smaller amount of FSN at the best price it's worth checking the Coingecko markets page for FSN for current price in various pairings.

Please note that FSN exists in various formats as described on the wallets page. That page also describes how to get mainnet FSN from the other formats. Mainnet FSN is the most useful, as it is the form that can be staked and has the best options available for providing liquidity on Chainge DEX and Anyswap. See uses of FSN for full disclosure on how you can use it.

Mainnet FSN can be found at: Huobi Global, Chainge appAnySwap (Fusion),, CoinbetterZT,  CoinEx Global, MXC, Hotbit, OKex, Bibox, Huobi Korea, Citex and COINBIG (Please confirm yourself, as active market places is always in flux)


Old FSN (erc20): Can't be traded. Please perform mainnet swap.

Old FSN (bep2) can be found at: Binance DEX and is 100% isolated from the rest of the supply. It can essentially be regarded as a completely seperate coin.

FSN has gateways through Chainge app to Ethereum, BSC and HECO (likely more coming) and can be found at for example PanCakeSwap and Mdex.

The various forms of aFSN can be found at: AnySwap (BSC, Ethereum, Fantom, HECO)  and possibly other swap DEXes.

If you never had any FSN in your wallet there are ways to get a tiny amount of FSN in order to get started in the Chainge app or AnySwap v1.

1. You can use the gas faucet found on, or alternatively.

2. You can move some assets cross-chain from another chain to Fusion in the Chainge app. If it was your first time, and you had no FSN it would give you a small amount.

3. If you somehow have some CHNG, it is possible to use it to convert it to gas (for example FSN, but also into gas on other supported chains).

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