How to buy FSN?

The best liquidity for FSN currently exists in the FSN/USDT pairing of Huobi Global, so for anyone seeking to acquire a larger amount of FSN this is likely the best place to seek to acquire it.

For those seeking a smaller amount of FSN at the best price it's worth checking the Coingecko markets page for FSN for current price in various pairings.

Please note that FSN exists in various formats as described on the wallets page. That page also describes how to get mainnet FSN from the other formats. Mainnet FSN is the most useful, as it is the form that can be staked and has the best options available for providing liquidity on Anyswap.

Mainnet FSN can be found at: Huobi Global, AnySwap (Fusion), MXC, Hotbit, OKex, Bittrex International, Bibox, Huobi Korea, UpBit, Citex and COINBIG


Old FSN (erc20) can be found at: IDEX

Old FSN (bep2) can be found at: Binance DEX

The various forms of aFSN can be found at: AnySwap (BSC, Ethereum, Fantom, HECO)  and possibly other swap DEXes.

I won't go into detail on how you can get it through Huobi or MXC, but if you want to get it through AnySwap and start out with FIAT in some FIAT gateway, you should first seek to convert it to either ETH or the ERC20 version of USDT. Secondly bring this to your very own wallet that you can control through MetaMask or a Ledger. If you use MetaMask you need to add a custom RPC URL and enter settings for the Fusion Network.

Network: Fusion, New RPC URL:, Chain ID: 0x7f93, Symbol: FSN, Block Explorer:

Choose to connect to this new network you entered settings for. If you use a Ledger you need to log into the Ethereum App and change settings to “Set Contract Data” to ON and “Set Display Data” to OFF.

Next visit AnySwap at and connect your wallet. Choose aETH or aUSDT depending on whether you have ETH or USDT. Then enter the amount you wish to use and choose "CrossChain Deposit". Choose to confirm on the screen and also in your wallet.


It may take some minutes for the CrossChain transfer to happen. After it's complete go to and use aETH or aUSDT (depending on what you have) as your input and FSN as your output. Then click "Swap" and confirm in your wallet.

There's of course optional starting currencies, but aETH and aUSDT have good liquidity, so currently they'd be the best options.

Now you have some FSN, in a wallet connected to AnySwap.