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Chainge Finance

The Application layer of Fusion

As the application layer of the Fusion blockchain, Chainge Finance provides users with a simplified onboarding process to the Fusion blockchain, as well as access to over 1500 assets routed through Fusion. When users complete a swap transaction on Chainge Finance, the platform automatically sets Fusion as the default network, making it easy for users to access the benefits of the Fusion blockchain without having to manually configure their network settings. This seamless onboarding experience helps to increase adoption of the Fusion blockchain.

In addition, Chainge Finance leverages the cross-chain interoperability of the Fusion blockchain to provide users with a diverse range of assets to trade and invest in. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and experience, making it accessible for users of all levels of expertise. By providing these features, Chainge Finance enhances the utility of the Fusion blockchain and promotes its adoption in the decentralized finance space.


Besides bringing over 1500 assets to Fusion, Chainge has revolutionized the cross-chain space and introduced two groundbreaking new features, cross-chain roaming and a truer form of cross-chain aggregation


Chainge is also first to make use of Fusion's time-framing capabilities on a wider scale. This is done primarily through their Earn feature and Futures DEX. The Earn feature will pay the user interest immediatly on their asset, but the entierty of their assets (both those used, and those recieved), are time-framed until the end of the year. During that time they're only usable within Chainge's Futures DEX, while still being guaranteed full ownership at the end of the year (because the owner is only missing a current time fraction of their asset, the remainder of the asset until infinity is still theirs). In the Futures DEX it's possible at any time liquidate TF assets, or buy them at an even better rate available than through "earn", if the market allows it.


For big assets, Chainge also offers the possibility of Options. Call Options can be written by utilizing TF-assets (exapanding the usefulness of TF assets even further). Put Options can also be written for the same asset list, but for Put Options it's TF USDT that is used in all cases to write the options. The Options can be excersized at a certain cost known as the strike price and are tradable in the Options DEX. Providing liquidity for Options in Chainge has historically held very generous rewards. Since options expire at the end of the year, it's important to be mindful of the fact that they are temporary assets. You can read more about options here.

Sending to Social Media

Chainge also has many alternatives when it comes sending assets. Probably one of the more interesting possibilities is sending to someone's Twitter handle. You can read more about this here.

Decentralized Escrow

Chainge also has very secure escrow trading possibilities. Making it possible to trade OTC without risk, or even to trade real items, or set up freelance work contracts that satisfy all parties. Read more on this here.


Besides being a diverse cross-chain DeFi app, it's also in it's basic functionality a self-custodial wallet. But it works a little different than most self-custodial wallet. You can read more about this in the Wallet section. Chainge also supports a hardware wallet launched by Arculus

Fiat gateway

Further Chainge aims to be a fiat gateway, as to replace in a self-custodial way all things that a centralized exchange normally offers. The full extent of this is yet not in play, but Chainge has launched a virtual credit card, which is possible to use as a fiat off-ramp, so that you can use your crypto earnings to purchase real things. Fiat on and off ramps are expected to become more advanced in the future.

Margin Trading

Chainge also offers margin trading in cooperation with GMX on Arbitrum and Avalanche, but also plans to launch a Fusion version of this Perpetual DEX. 

Limit Orders

This feature is yet not launched. But in the future Chainge plans to offer not just swaping when trading in their cross-chain aggregator, but also limit orders, as to provide a more similar trading experience that centralized exchange users are accustomed to, but in an entierly decentralized on-chain way.

Not just on mobile

Unlike the majority of decentralized apps, Chainge has been primarily focused on functioning on mobile phones, both Android and iOS, with a strong focus on UI/UX. Though this is a focus that will continue, certain features such as the cross-chain aggregator are also available on desktop, and is available for any developer to build into their own applications.


Chainge also of course has its own token. CHNG has been given out for free in various ways. Primarily as rewards for liquidity providers, but also through various forms of social engagement. The pace of distribution has been fast, and thus the circulating supply is starting to come near to the full supply. Chainge also uses a quarter of its profits to buy back and burn CHNG four times a year, which to an extent reduces supply. A main use case for the token has so far been that it can be used as universal gas within the app, so that CHNG could be used instead of other types of gas when interacting cross-chain. The price of doing so, is however twice the price of using regular gas. For some it is however convinient to just use CHNG and not need to think about other forms of gas. Further uses are expected in the future.

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