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CHNG is a token tied to Chainge.Finance an app running on Fusion, that hopes to make everyone their own decentralized bank. The native token of the app can be awarded in many ways.

Total Supply and Social earning

Total supply of CHNG is not yet known, because the token generation event hasn't taken place yet. Before this happens it's possible to earn the token by spreading the word about it.


You also get up to 145 CHNG by building your profile (meaning you ID yourself with phonenumber, email and various social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook LinkedIn, WeChat, Telegram, TuoTiao). You also get quite a bit simply by providing a Fusion USAN, or public key you control. Not all of these details need to be provided, but the more you share, the more CHNG you get.

Each person you refer through a referal link and signs up will earn you 10 CHNG, and for every person they in turn refer you get 3 CHNG and for every referal of the persons your initial referals refered you get 1 CHNG.

Currently around 48 million CHNG have been earned through these social tasks, and probably many more will be earned before the token generation event happens. Whatever amount of CHNG will have been earned through social tasks by then will be 10% of the total supply (so currently around 480 million, but I would expect it to reach over 1 billion before the CHNGs become real).

Earn through interest

For the less social, there is currently also already another way to earn CHNG. This is done by depositing BTC or USDT into your account and just let it sit there. This will do 2 things. It will earn you more BTC (8%/year) and USDT(16%/year) and it will also earn 1 CHNG for every 0.000002 BTC earned in interest and 1 CHNG for every 0.1 USDT earned. There's no locking requirements on these deposits, which when considered in combination probably represent industry leading interest yields.

What happens with the other 90% of the supply

If 10% of the supply is that which was earned before the app launched, what happens to the other 90%?

  1. 15% of the total supply will continue to be distributed as rewards for the community, through various other activities performed within the application, such as: Sign up bonus, App referrals mechanism, Amplifiers, Building the profile within the app etc (See above)

  2. 5% of the total supply will be used to reward the FSN holders + for selected high liquidity pool providers through smart contracts. Users will have to claim CHNG tokens by injecting back end TL (Time-Locked) or liquidity tokens to the smart contract. (Basically yield farming with FSN and certain LP-tokens)

  3. 10% of the total supply will be used to reward different kind of DeFi smart contracts built by 3rd party partners, which are to be integrated in the app. These tokens will be awarded proportionally, based on the amount of income (generated through fees) brought to Chainge. (Reserves to encourage app evolution and diversity)

  4. 30% of the total supply will be used to reward liquidity (it's not known if this liquidity is specific to CHNG or if it represents all kinds of liquidity in the apps DEX).

  5. The rest of the 30% of the total supply will be utilized to reward users who actually use our automated financial instruments built in the app. (The BTC and USDT interest functions is an example of this, but there will likely be many others).

The only other known thing about CHNG tokenomics is a promise of using 25% of the Chainge company profits to buy back both CHNG and FSN and add it to their balance sheets. The exact methods through which profits are generated is not entierly known, but it could be coming from a margin on interest earned by deposited assets. Even if the users receive great interest, Chainge likely reserve some of what they generate for themselves and it does make sense to reinvest this money in the company token and the network it utilizes.

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