Chain Data and Githubs

RPC gateways (mainnet Chain ID in decimals = 32659 in HEX= 0x7f93 ) - the keys to connecting wallets to the Fusion mainnet.

RPC gateways (testnet ChainID in decimals = 46688 in HEX= 0xB660 )

Fusion Block Explorers - Explore all kinds of on-chain transactions

FSNEX - A complete Explorer for the Fusion Blockchain with full overview of all assets.!/dashboard - The old explorer with many flaws, but has overview also of the Fusion testnet.

For a wallet to work with Fusion you can for example set it up like this:


AnySwap Sister Chain ID and RPC gateways - the keys to connecting to other networks where FSN exists.

Ethereum, Chain ID = 1, RPC = , Explorer =

Binance Smart Chain, Chain ID = 56, RPC = , Explorer =

Huobi Eco Chain, Chain ID = 128, RPC = , Explorer =

Fantom Opera, Chain ID = 250, RPC = , Explorer =

Polygon, Chain ID = 137, RPC = , Explorer =

xDAI, Chain ID = 100, RPC = , Explorer =

Avalanche, Chain ID = 43114, RPC = , Explorer =

AnySwap  bridges can also easily be launched on any EVM compatible network found on this list

Token Contracts FSN (and gateway contracts) - FSN and anyFSN (plus the FSN gateway) contracts on different chains.

Fusion mainnet FSN - 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Polygon anyFSN - 0x2bF9b864cdc97b08B6D79ad4663e71B8aB65c45c (gateway: 0xe9c3967e1442287e6ed45befc26a1bad8c811b )

Fantom anyFSN - 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f (gateway: 0x2a1651c38927bdede04f4e07cfcc55bd1c81fe72 )

Ethereum anyFSN - 0x979aCA85bA37c675e78322ed5d97fa980B9Bdf00 (gateway: 0x4464fc279180045b1f57beacfa0d82e9cd4235cd )

Ethereum ICO-FSN - 0xd0352a019e9ab9d757776f532377aaebd36fd541 (gateway: 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 )

BSC anyFSN - 0x4f6318e97011fe21fdfce3ffcf868d44e5f6994a (gateway: 0xf38c36bc1b2fe5e9029c91ab520457be7dfc68d8 )

Bep2-FSN - FSN-E14

HECO anyFSN - 0x42aaa9151c2f7a6a5ae70869aa9236b6f3fbae49 (gateway: 0x08c266b93286e706222714dea42be2a7627039b1 )

FSN (Chainge version) on other chains - Useful for buying FSN as gas in small amounts before you have any mainnet FSN

BSC FSN (Chainge) - 0xfa4fa764f15d0f6e20aaec8e0d696870e5b77c6e

HECO FSN (Chainge) - 0xa790b07796abed3cdaf81701b4535014bf5e1a65

*Liquidity on PanCakeSwap (FSN/USDC, FSN/USDT, FSN/BNB), and on MDex (FSN/HT and FSN/USDT). After getting 0.1 - 0.2 FSN swap it to mainnet by sending it to your own address in the Chainge app and choosing Fusion as the network.

Other important original contracts based on Fusion

$ANY - 0x0c74199d22f732039e843366a236ff4f61986b32

$CHNG ​0x05573124c64c69d85687152b2942bcb0a3b26d99

$FUSE - 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a

$FREE ​0x466f16541685d5648184467f8F83835Cbb837972

$FMN ​0x09fF628D21fcc0795E0de4AEf178e3d43Ee44328

$FSN/FUSE - 0xe96ac326ecea1a09ae6e47487c5d8717f73d5a7e

$CHG - 0xe7095c7e56b02a52fa0729a4260490b7a594b77e

Old FRC758 FMN: - 0xB80A6C4F2a279ec91921ca30da726c534462125C
Old FRC758  FREE: - 0x6403eDe3b7604ea4883670c670BeA288618BD5F2

Chainge Asset Contracts - When bringing coins or tokens through Chainge, they run on these contracts.

fFSN ​0x2b8bb627ce7c0c9cbe579e83099de665032d08be

USDT ​0x9636d3294e45823ec924c8d89dd1f1dffcf044e6

ETH ​0x796d74a86db307b0b0e02fed9fa19ccb1906ce37

BTC ​0x816f67ce73aeb099e894a55d135168dd501b55a6

TRX ​0xc028a0d24cdda8d488689556a02f9cb575e2df30

BNB ​0x95f35cc4bd9099f73019d03e0ae68df2b8a17961

HT ​0x702f82cd62b08dba4de0337ae5268f3c014031d5

JST ​0xcfb330a25543af6bfd21be643570f64e1968984d

UNI ​0x16429a7d7371e6c0552ddc7e46b94e6d9aed3d41

CAKE ​0xea8c6492ebcbb41e4455c58898a4f44a295e5b71

MDX ​0x606e5b69b203cd534964908a3970af4398126b2a

LINK ​0x62d19aab3a055f9aad3ff0f9d90cbdb25aad4ed3

AAVE ​0xbbc975313c78daa8995aa3968d4be2cee5ab0bee

ENJ ​0xc2d5f513a2ad737a99fe28ea30ed1bbd918d98e2

HOT ​0x3ad4c34f2d15e366b1d962ea99edee4a7908364e

ALPHA ​0x86b95e058c01637ec62de51855cfd09b928a5644

SNX ​0x4b1f7b98d7077d5834d1464014a2301063e5677f

LRC ​0xe6306f89f66b1093481e0fffb5ccfc2b908b1829

1INCH ​0xf9fc8a8ba53e0e25ff07f6827207d55b6b3d16cb

SUSHI ​0x1cb230e95d402d51ef0160498173f7f0fcee1916

COMP ​0xdb252989f94f9682720ff13e8c1fd258afbc7c03

YFI ​0xa5eb4245e04df121ead9f298a9b234f702756269

MANA ​0x61be5df5459573a7c25673e74281cef4cef81e7d

GRT ​0xba780bd56b4febf30cf28aa6c61ba07b2394861b

BAT ​0xa7357c06aa73558d5927a83f24fe7f9075fdf048

ZRX ​0x15b2b5e9dd39e30a5d72aed0f5bcb306a737505a

UMA ​0x05fc265085a3fc0a43e43842a8a43f245814b730

CRV ​0x98a1d0b0a6ae63d5d73db580e7cc24c2afb024b8

BAL ​0x62795f53f808ac283634c634138954fe82ed273d

SXP ​0x9d75080a7f85a235c9f9e501b8348e79d9585a66

BADGER ​0xafbd2b9f5e07d0af0379ec4fe2a799b83d302737

BAKE ​0x25b6e98470b58876305990fecda31c3f7fe514ec

DODO ​0x54b0896f1daad8edeac1eb66d36adef7fa7f9cdd

XVS ​0x974418ffdb7a51d298c64b9862b5861286581ddd

FILDA ​0x91db6598933b3d283a941b815a9cfaa0fbdc2bab

BAGS ​0xd4ff9f51bfb456f2b0f8690f20c90f62c736b814

FORTH ​0xde02ecb2dc977871be6edbf96c6da863c3192961

SHIB ​0xf32a6bb880adb728e46c2cc579221657f6eff540

BabyDoge ​0x3b9ce8be0bdd59974257434914f3d2357daf0e41

ZNC ​0xb1b7106e97f173106154c078f0040f75fdda4d97

MOMAT ​0x48b0632d25dcd9e1cec9eaca7cd97b82c452304f

LC ​0x11a8e0b37501a76dd25a414b5c7ff885695b0de3

SOL ​0x43710fd8fc2f25373c543c2056f3c7bb90a3bdb4

MATIC ​0x7cc83e910ffc974623c8e2e47cb80aca3a8e9e90

FIL ​0xdb1bcd33c562f14b68fdc0e9ef920d2e231a77f6

DOT ​0xe05646f5212fa02637ba0b92f9bba383d5745120

OKT ​0x6a15bb0c7963e8e89384a3b714633967de408dbd

USDC ​0x6b52048a01c41d1625a6893c80fbe4aa2c22bb54

CHE ​0x2ba18b6889d7dcc891d354b218a3fc4dc53f84b4

KST ​0xa2abc6f491dda91f6418d27a45a44df4d80f5556

O3 ​0x7630e1f29d9880059620b5ba74b3930bedd4447f

PQC ​0xbd9749e4da1fb181ce6e413946cf760dec67b415

BIFI ​0xafaf20d7290a3205abd6d337cd411dd301cbb773

FTM ​0xa67ab7a54e6a44f410d464596c9c4ba78252466a

FIN ​0xc4b6999fd0a9d61553c3ebc44eb5e5dbc4ab4300

RNFT ​0x6d1ea3932e5b92f73664d4d285728e2ab4a3119f

LHB ​0x4cf8001708ee8c1f228c5813bb5bc5e8a7c9dda5

DEP ​0x092e46e226a0cd2957eec9fbad0c1c43e54d0a95

BXH ​0xd0cbae53e19b6272bd8001571c9d37f64db6f711

CAN ​0x610f13b28d649a084f10f4317ed3fbc70b6bca21

DYDX ​0x4493165bd9a64aedc2a20c66b3d80d09637a845e

SFC ​0xcc5cfdad07582a67bf6d45999dff255b5a7d3bc2

AVAX ​0x0c8982a2e0dcd2a60b6716a58bc45ae40c2371c7

PNG ​0x5992625889601622fc75b4e696adef6ededb5cf6

JOE ​0x535e2f24b936b4bb76e79540252255cc43d93bcc

BUSD ​0xd169bfa08ae2c9bea4123a8760ba058afd647ed2

ELA ​0x471a525f12804f3eb45573f60b7c4ac29b3460e2

NT ​0x2f09da1850c8d7f6f62dc68704e9039e3e81e890

CRO ​0x742bfb6cced26f5b7464537de60dc0c31881dd9b

HP ​0xa30c4ffe645ebcfc18cb9b53f016b9091e57d36b

DAI ​0x947250c8664600b7cb18b0de73e592ed78598b8f

LOVE ​0xf5c5edf98c47bfe3a1d29c7ffe9a93ffc09a9205

EGLD ​0xa1d443c8954cce93c39bda3aaedc7ab66c34a5c4

PEOPLE ​0xbc55229039ae446c027a013e844a78bff07bfc11

BABY ​0xc1f62400f2855242dd7ebbe740d196f1e41cba13

SRM ​0xee11a13eb90bd7ddcc3d8baff333331d31339a12

RAY ​0xe771a4a76288e66b7a934ec4be154bcae7d8df42

OXY ​0xc9995e476c2bbdea3177d21f09feec3f258ab202

DFL ​0xb67d16ef79d031fb717d176d3209f6a67fead962

KIN ​0x84b8451107b077fc3796b58b9d6f43d7ee745d39

ATLAS ​0xbf72772258e7bbf07ab59b04001df22105920c0a

FIDA ​0x8d6206fad3dff8b13bd084c6e00b04458cc38b0d

POLIS ​0x46cb1c2920912d10decd30fb942dd830e3dcb78c

ORCA ​0x38e3751e4785dafc8667bf16bcb93cf9fe44bf1e

ALGO ​0xa83229a75c5046ba29b26fe37b4bd815ebb1bd6b

AURORA ​0x47e3c84bb3d77c6561d6332fecae47ab0d0baa70

NEAR ​0x8c10b27037b5bc25b7f04991227db6b528f3e396

KSM ​0x5b13465a82c9ea76e9764e76896cec8325057cbd

ATOM ​0x3e2fe7064917cba0d434932af6daa753cbddaab5

LUNA ​0x22bab8b3100342c16945185d8d2b8c7aa906c8f8

UST ​0x70609c5934a3d809f36d11b42c751afcccc4f3a4

FACE ​0x24675c968f849a204e91222847e02623c91cfec1

KLAY ​0x43a934f6058fbeb24620070153267a5f8162207c

XLM ​0x259494f5f23184d04e086ab01c0113e7d2da13b9

WEMIX ​0x00d197d8cfe95498264eaceddb02c79bc0f26d67

KLEVA ​0x9a5331021455708851dd87a8759c82e1f152b09c

BORA ​0x08608ebf81ddab792cd3d75b78bd3e3771d49fa0

KSP ​0x6ee4e858e6167250756235df76db6da7c38d9f7e

KFI ​0x27775ba0673e6d27bf25696ce4087c0d41c48df1

AnySwap Asset Contracts - When bringing coins or tokens through AnySwap, they run on these contracts.

USDT - 0xc7c64ac6d46be3d6ea318ec6276bb55291f8e496

BTC - 0x445166c4854836292a5af7e3f165a3b8b4eedf97

ETH - 0x5e12290c7e7eda58d092632a53bbbc717996c732

LTC - 0x10c43b6d6eb224d71f1831b5cdd6dd57bd475461

DAI - 0x480327ccb4e3fd906212868e2f4b6dfa564aabca

RIO - 0xf705b20357f00c535f599a73a10da6bfaccf676e

UNI - 0x6780bc1357dc0b6aa39224f53dc8aeceb093b6ff

LINK - 0x871501a8d698169d1fe4c1af3c7e011959f484a6

OMG - 0x709abf1d66b1758676940a3ee995a39056a66faf

COMP - 0xc0d7857b10551f784c80942b7e8b5abfa373d802

YFI - 0x041f279c67faef37544014d7247824c0945098a8

KOBE - 0x4a184ae0cd7d0ce04fe69e68aed15b16bc8da408

HEGIC - 0x688b72f103a7e8e4206c495f2e620c001a06b7b4

ZLOT- 0xe8c537e655cab73e6a7d902c0bbe7edf9e755274

Unknown Fusion Assets - These seem to be Fusion OG contracts, but little is known of them

LC (AnySwap) - 0xa47d1523e2f94e51bf33ebaf903ffc6f831960dc

Freemoon insentivized LP-contracts that  can be used to Mint or Farm $FREE - vist "earn" in to use them after making them available in Metamask


This will come back later after FRC759 LP contracts are sorted

Some other very popular FSN related Chainge contracts

This will come back later when FRC759 contracts are sorted out

Swap Gateways - How to move FSN between networks

Mainnet Token Swap - If you still have the old erc20 FSN, here is the guide to make it mainnet.

BNB Bridge - If you have the old bep2 FSN you can make it into the old erc20 FSN here Mainnet Token Swap to get it to mainnet.

AnySwap Bridge - Can be used to get FSN between the mainnet and all the sister chains. - An alternative UI for AnySwap bridging

Apply to Bridge - Apply for a token to get an AnySwap bridge built between one or more networks

Useful Links - Useful comparative data about the Network not found in Explorers

Fusion Mining - All manner of great statistics regarding Fusion Staking.

Coinstats - A general Blockchain data site comparing adoption of blockchains, which scores Fusion at the top.

AnyswapInfo - The most complete place regarding information on liquidity yields on AnySwap.

Staking Calculator - Get a basic idea of the interest you can expect if you stake FSN.

Node Monitor - A basic overview of Fusion nodes.

Githubs - Various githubs with Fusion related development

FOSC - Fusion community github, where most things happen

Fusion Foundation - The original github

Freemoon faucet - The Freemoon faucet github

Awesome Fusion - A great collection of Fusion links

AnySwap - The AnySwap github

Chainge - Chainge github