Chain Data and Githubs

RPC gateways (mainnet Chain ID in decimals = 32659 in HEX= 0x7f93 ) - the keys to connecting wallets to the Fusion mainnet.

RPC gateways (testnet ChainID in decimals = 46688 in HEX= 0xB660 )

Fusion Block Explorers - Explore all kinds of on-chain transactions

FSNEX - A complete Explorer for the Fusion Blockchain with full overview of all assets.

fsn365 - Another great Fusion block explorer, also with full overview.!/dashboard - The old explorer with many flaws, but has overview also of the Fusion testnet.

For a wallet to work with Fusion you can for example set it up like this:


AnySwap Sister Chain ID and RPC gateways - the keys to connecting to other networks where FSN exists.

Ethereum, Chain ID = 1, RPC = , Explorer =

Binance Smart Chain, Chain ID = 56, RPC = , Explorer =

Huobi Eco Chain, Chain ID = 128, RPC = , Explorer =

Fantom Opera, Chain ID = 250, RPC = , Explorer =

Polygon, Chain ID = 137, RPC = , Explorer =

xDAI, Chain ID = 100, RPC = , Explorer =

Avalanche, Chain ID = 43114, RPC = , Explorer =

AnySwap  bridges can also easily be launched on any EVM compatible network found on this list

Token Contracts FSN (and gateway contracts) - FSN and anyFSN (plus the FSN gateway) contracts on different chains.

Fusion mainnet FSN - 0xffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Polygon anyFSN - 0x2bF9b864cdc97b08B6D79ad4663e71B8aB65c45c (gateway: 0xe9c3967e1442287e6ed45befc26a1bad8c811b )

Fantom anyFSN - 0x50eb82cc284e3d35936827023b048106aaecfc5f (gateway: 0x2a1651c38927bdede04f4e07cfcc55bd1c81fe72 )

Ethereum anyFSN - 0x979aCA85bA37c675e78322ed5d97fa980B9Bdf00 (gateway: 0x4464fc279180045b1f57beacfa0d82e9cd4235cd )

Ethereum ICO-FSN - 0xd0352a019e9ab9d757776f532377aaebd36fd541 (gateway: 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 )

BSC anyFSN - 0x4f6318e97011fe21fdfce3ffcf868d44e5f6994a (gateway: 0xf38c36bc1b2fe5e9029c91ab520457be7dfc68d8 )

Bep2-FSN - FSN-E14

HECO anyFSN - 0x42aaa9151c2f7a6a5ae70869aa9236b6f3fbae49 (gateway: 0x08c266b93286e706222714dea42be2a7627039b1 )

Other important original contracts based on Fusion

$ANY - 0x0c74199d22f732039e843366a236ff4f61986b32

$CHNG - 0xed0294dbd2a0e52a09c3f38a09f6e03de2c44fcf

$FUSE - 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a

$FMN: - 0xB80A6C4F2a279ec91921ca30da726c534462125C

$FREE: - 0x6403eDe3b7604ea4883670c670BeA288618BD5F2

$FSN/FUSE - 0xe96ac326ecea1a09ae6e47487c5d8717f73d5a7e

$FREE/BTC - 0x60add91ae0e79416e930972594ff48ae2f34a65f

Chainge Asset Contracts - When bringing coins or tokens through Chainge, they run on these contracts.

FSN - 0x5555e10d7e69b7246af27fe1a93466a84c199b6f (somehow used in TF-txs)

USDT - 0x9c061dc72c0203f643f9a348dfcce3e73b5bd2c8

BTC - 0x008752ab961c3745f3258a1eb249f747d89a8d49

ETH - 0x8f5fc30a858e6249294de1f9f7781dce8cbc1174

BNB - 0xd335adb9a9dbed0f1d0d577320d5f88158f26933

TRX - 0xfb6343169b35fda321eabf2e476552a1d42a77af

HT - 0x2df2ab4978f2e6126d718cf7a23b35f81e9f7019

MATIC - 0x4ca724797c972101cd009b792eca4b6ae2361ea0

OKT - 0x341ced355e2e206eeea1e4e69d7bfbe64393ed0a

FIL - 0x4870a39f423bbe1c7350ba806573c702cfc99683

CAKE - 0x06aba1a953bcbb0888546c094170c52c0a0598d5

BabyDoge - 0x192374eec51129a8f9e40c1e375fae6b7544ebe8

AnySwap Asset Contracts - When bringing coins or tokens through AnySwap, they run on these contracts.

USDT - 0xc7c64ac6d46be3d6ea318ec6276bb55291f8e496

BTC - 0x445166c4854836292a5af7e3f165a3b8b4eedf97

ETH - 0x5e12290c7e7eda58d092632a53bbbc717996c732

LTC - 0x10c43b6d6eb224d71f1831b5cdd6dd57bd475461

DAI - 0x480327ccb4e3fd906212868e2f4b6dfa564aabca

RIO - 0xf705b20357f00c535f599a73a10da6bfaccf676e

UNI - 0x6780bc1357dc0b6aa39224f53dc8aeceb093b6ff

LINK - 0x871501a8d698169d1fe4c1af3c7e011959f484a6

Freemoon insentivized Airdrop LP-contracts 

FSN/BTC :0xd713b42a1695d5afe40eb8d203c285e0444b12e4
FSN/ETH :0x6a69b46e072a0c9fb8c7c08bd70aaedcc0211782
FSN/BNB :0x7ba62ccb1d4eb01096a55c097d770e71d6470ad4
FSN/TRX :0x3039737104055f2b3a9c1d0ecfac82e4c15f54ac
FSN/HT :0x2331ce79654d01e3c64282d38c965924ee804b82
FSN/OKT :0x34ea7affd817743535bc828fff709e4702a15328
FMN/FSN :0x35c2637312f69f425bba3bd01e63231091db818e
FMN/FREE :0xeaee692277d8efd28326204751a0b689efc2720d
FMN/CHNG :0x223949f336a067629bc2e9aa6d8fc84d712c8174
FREE/FSN :0x6933eb3d600db893c19fece96acecb3b0ccf340a
FREE/CHNG :0x4d37f8c6d1aad7b8d1dfd128da20059cb9dae2df

LINK/CHNG: 0xc760893d167074244a9261d17d083f8f7435d456


FSN/ANY: 0x049ddc3cd20ac7a2f6c867680f7e21de70aca9c3

Swap Gateways - How to move FSN between networks

Mainnet Token Swap - If you still have the old erc20 FSN, here is the guide to make it mainnet.

BNB Bridge - If you have the old bep2 FSN you can make it into the old erc20 FSN here Mainnet Token Swap to get it to mainnet.

AnySwap Bridge - Can be used to get FSN between the mainnet and all the sister chains. - An alternative UI for AnySwap bridging

Apply to Bridge - Apply for a token to get an AnySwap bridge built between one or more networks

Useful Links - Useful comparative data about the Network not found in Explorers

Fusion Mining - All manner of great statistics regarding Fusion Staking.

Coinstats - A general Blockchain data site comparing adoption of blockchains, which scores Fusion at the top.

AnyswapInfo - The most complete place regarding information on liquidity yields on AnySwap.

Staking Calculator - Get a basic idea of the interest you can expect if you stake FSN.

Node Monitor - A basic overview of Fusion nodes.

Githubs - Various githubs with Fusion related development

FOSC - Fusion community github, where most things happen

Fusion Foundation - The original github

Freemoon faucet - The Freemoon faucet github

Awesome Fusion - A great collection of Fusion links

AnySwap - The AnySwap github

Chinge - Chainge github