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Fusionite Lore


This page is a summary of terms used or invented by the Fusionite community, which may not be well-known within the larger crypto community.

Currency notations

Spot XXX - An asset when in its original form, is known as spot

TL FSN - Timesliced FSN, the TL stands for Time-Lock

TF  - Timeframed future (generally used together with an asset ticker TF FSN, TF BTC, TF CHNG, etc)

∞ TL FSN - Similar to TF FSN, but the unlocking time can be anything, whereas TF-assets will typically unlock at the end of the year

CO - Call Option (generally used together with an asset ticker CO FSN, CO BTC, CO CHNG, etc)

PO - Put Option (generally used together with an asset ticker PO FSN, PO BTC, PO CHNG, etc)

- A currency symbol for FSN

- A currency symbol for CHNG

Community related

Fusionite - 1. Someone who invested in FSN 2 . Someone who believes in uniting values through full interaction of all types of assets and currencies

Chainger - 1. Someone who loves using Chainge Finance 2. A CHNG investor 3. Someone that wants to change finance

ChaingeGang - The Chainge community as a whole

 🪢 - The Fuchaiknot (A knot combining Fusion and Chainge) It's typically used as a symbol on Twitter to display unity between Fusionites and Chaingers (typically people using it will be both Fusionite and Chainger)

Connector - Similar to a Fusionite, but put into a more general context about belief that connecting value creates value.

Crypto Finance - The "pre DeFi" DeFi term invented by DJ Qian when he launched Fusion as a project

Decentralized Jungle - A description of what Fusion should be, with an indirect reference to is founder DJ Qian

Smazung - Really, really amazing

Fudion - A union of FUDers

ACDIOA - All Crypto DeFi in one app

"Bigger than Nasdaq" - Something said by DJ Qian and taken out of context by early Fusion OGs. However it is thinkable that the "liquidity superwave" powered by Fusion and Chainge could someday become bigger than Nasdaq

Technology related

DCRM - Distributed Control Rights Management

Crosschain roaming - Freely moving or interacting with an asset type as one, although it might be split across several chains and contracts

Liquidity Superwave - The combined liquidity of the full DEX market liquidity across all chains and DEXs, fully available in single swaps

Transaction mining - The act of transacting for the purpose of claiming FREE tokens with bots

Safebet - Beting time value (unrealized interest) or time slices or a staked holding, without risk of permanent loss, but with the potential benefit of winning

TPoS - Ticketed Proof of Stake Fusion's staking mechanism which relies on locking in 5000 TL FSN 30 days in exchange for a ticket, with a random chance to win validtion of the next block

Hash lottery - Utilizing the random nature of hashes for the purpose of lottery. Winning FMN, the no longer active WeDeFi safebet are examples of this. Perhaps even Ticketed Proof of Stake could also be considered a hash lottery

"Send back to assets" - the process of changing the state of an asset from ∞ TL XXX or TF XXX back into spot XXX. Sometimes it's automatic, sometimes not

The gas of the gas of all gases - A reference to the fact that CHNG can be used instead of other types of gas on supported chains, but that FSN is still the gas of CHNG


Strategy related

Crosschain Arbitrage Stabing - The manual "non-bot" act of attempting to swap back and forth through the cross-chain aggregator, to utilize differences in price across different chains of an asset for scoring quick money. An obvious risk includes stuck transactions. The opportunity is generally best during times of high volatility

Time Value Extraction - The process of finding highly secure yield opportunities by somehow locking an asset, directly or indirectly in a non-intuative way, that's not readily advertized. Commonplace opportunity in Chainge, but also exists across DeFi markets on Fusion and also on other chains (Flashstake is a good example of that). In general it means giving up on having available liquidity in exchange for secure reward. Staking could be considerd a primitive form. See uses of FSN

Circle it around - An options writing cycle where you use money from selling options that you wrote, to acquire assets and use them to write even more options, as to maximize the time value extraction as much as possible. Possible also for many other types of DeFi instruments with circularity in their contract dependencies. Basically this is time value extraction "squared". 

Twipping - The process of spontaneously giving away free money to someone's Twitter handle

IOO - Initial Options Offering, where call options are somehow distributed for free before the actual asset is launched, other than through exercizing the call options

ITM - When Options are trading beyond their strike price they're considered to be "in the money", which means they're holding real value, not just speculative value. It's important to consider what strategy to use for options depending on if they are ITM or not.

Limited Supply Trading - A practise of market decoupling up or down on a limited market sometimes performed by CEX MMs, in the event that the CEX closes withdraws/deposits. This happened many times for FSN with Huobi Global. Events such as this has perhaps helped fuel Fusion's and Chainge's drive towards DeFi and full openess of all crypto markets

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