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The Fusion Foundation don't have a long list of partners they cooperate with and the current view of DJ Qian, who founded Fusion is that a majority of so called "crypto partnerships" are meaningless and at most skin deep.

"I could guarantee, if there is any partnership, it must be a mutual effort to achieve an objective for both benefits."

-DJ Qian, Aug 17, 2020

This said there has been some long lasting cooperation that have benefited Fusion in the past. There has for example always been a close relationship between the Fantom Foundation and the Fusion Foundation. Examples of close cooperation is when Fantom allowed Fusion use of its bnbbridge in 2019 to aid in getting listed on Binance DEX. Another is that Fantom became one of the first networks to become integrated into AnySwap.

In his quote DJ was referencing a partnership with Chainlink described here. The implementation described, is yet not complete, but something will likely happen with oracles this year.


Realio is a partner which has utlized Fusion technology for its own interoperability, and which earlier planed to launch a Fusion based investment product (currently on ice). There remains, however a close connection with Realio, which may become a major player in the tokenization of both securities and real estate.

In the early days of DCRM development there was a DCRM alliance, consisting of Fusion, Fantom, Realio, Totle, KIT and  SolidX. If there exists still some coopertion with Totle, KIT and SolidX remains unknown.

Earlier partnerships outside the Fusion Ecosystem, even if listed on, should be considered passé. The focus is on Fusion based apps such as Chainge.Finance.

Quite a few projects often make contact and show interest in building on Fusion or cooperting with Fusion in some way. But in truth the only strong and truly reliable partnership is with Chainge. Chainge in turn though, has many partners, and all partners of Chainge are also in some sense also partners of fusion. This is how tightly built and integral the Chainge and Fusion connection is.


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