FRC20 / Fusion Assets

FRC20 - This is the same contract type as ERC20 on Ethereum. It is useful due to the fact that this token format is what the cryptocurrency market has adopted as a standard. Through AnySwap any ERC20 or compatible coin can be bridged into an FRC20 running on Fusion and at the same time become available on the Fusion version of the AnySwap DEX. In time TL and QS functionality will also be fully available to FRC20s.


Fusion Asset - Fusion assets are easy to create by anyone, with the very simple Create Asset function. They are immediately compatible with TLs and the Swap Market. The drawback of them is that they have not been adopted readily by the cryptocurrency market. Thus the path to making them market available is much tougher than for an FRC20, which can easily be brought to the DeFi market by anyone willing to provide some liquidity.