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FRC758s and Time Frames (TF)

FRC758 - Is a token format that Fusion has developed. Like with mainnet FSN and Fusion assets, FRC758s are enabled to utilize Fusion Time-locks, but for FRC758s timelocks are known as timeframes (TF) and find their full utilization in finance.chainge. A difference between Fusion assets and FRC758s is that FRC758s can have market availavility due to being able to utilize UniSwap v2 AMM, where any FRC758 could be paired with any other FRC758. This also makes it different than FRC20 AMM, where every asset must be paired against FSN.

Does this make FRC758s the ultimate format? Not quite, because Fusion assets still have QS functionality which is as of yet missing for both FRC20s and FRC758s. Further FRC20s is an ideal format for AnySwap due to the fact that it exists not only on Fusion but also aims to exist on as many blockchains as possible and therefore requires a very common standard format existing on all these chains.

So what are time frames exactly, and what's different about them compared to time slices? Effectively the main difference is how it will be used. Time Frames will be used in AMM pairings such as Full FSN(FRC758)/ FSN(FRC758) TF 20220101 to infinity, Full USDT(FRC758)/ USDT(FRC758) TF 20220101 to infinity or Full BTC(FRC758)/ BTC(FRC758) TF 20220101 to infinity. This means that free exchange can be made full assets and their infinity ends. The usecase of this hinges on ability to extract interest from the assets. Likely Chainge will make every asset they're able to extract interest from available for this type of exchange.

But FRC758s will not only be used for (full asset)/(time until infinity time frame of the asset) pairings, they'll also be used for more regular AMM between any 2 assets. Notably CHNG itself will be the first FRC758 and is likely to get AMM pairings such as FSN/CHNG, USDT/CHNG, BTC/CHNG, ETH,/CHNG, etc, etc. Also desirable pairings BTC/USDT or ETH/BTC will be no problem whatsoever to launch through FRC758 type AMM. Something which may cause the Chainge DEX to become quite liquid.

On the most part FRC758s will come into existence in a very similar way as AnySwap Bridging and aTokens. Similar process, but a different bridge. The exact nature of the bridge remains to be seen, but it's been hinted that it will have an ability to accept many types of tokens existing on many different types of chains, but treat them as the same thing. This part has yet to be seen in practice.

Technical details can be found here.

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