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Fusionite (ticker: FUSE) is a cryptocurrency with a total supply 2 FUSE., which runs on the Fusion Blockchain. It's in the form of an AnySwap compatible token contract sometimes called FRC20, which is the equivalent of an ERC20 contract on Ethereum. Fusionite was the second ever such contract brought to the decentralized market (the first being ANY).

FUSE contract: 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a

Though FUSE consists of only 2 FUSE (possibly making it the rarest of any cryptocurrency and valued higher than bitcoin/token) it can be subdivided into wei, just like any contract of its kind. 1 FUSE = e18 FUSE wei. This means that even though there is only 2 FUSE the amount of people who could own some FUSE is still more or less infinite (as is the case for any cryptocurrency).

1. In its creation the primary goal of FUSE was  to be fused with FSN in the sense that a very high % of the supply (1 full FUSE) should exist in a liquidity providing contract between FUSE and FSN.

FUSE/FSN contract: 0xe96ac326ecea1a09ae6e47487c5d8717f73d5a7e

2. When you provide liquidity on AnySwap for FUSE and FSN  you are given LP-tokens belonging to the FUSE/FSN contract. As a holder of FUSE/FSN tokens, you will receive rewards in the form of fees whenever someone trades in the pairing, and you will also hold governance power over the future of Holders of FUSE/FSN therefore decide the future of FUSE and will be known as Fusionites. Today these are still very rare, so anyone who takes a position has a chance to wield great power over this humble currency. This is an important experiment to see if die-hard supporters of the Fusion blockchain can FUSE together and achieve something. If many people engage in voting, I think we'll surprise ourselves with what can be achieved. Decisions made through Fusionite could, for example, gain influence over the future of the Fusion blockchain if it's governance system truly gets adopted.

3. It is a display of how easy it is for anyone to launch a token on the Fusion Blockchain (just like it is on Ethereum) and also have ready access to the open market through AnySwap and even cross-chain presence, if so desired. And perhaps it can serve as an inspiration to more projects starting up on Fusion.

The current governance of Fusionite has the following constitution:

Governance of FUSE

  1. Voting power over strategic decisions or goals regarding the future of the FUSE currency (contract: 0x20dd2f2bfa4ce3eaec5f57629583dad8a325872a, on the Fusion Blockchain chain ID: 0x7f93) is held by LP providers of FUSE who hold FSN/FUSE (contract: 0xe96ac326ecea1a09ae6e47487c5d8717f73d5a7e, on the Fusion Blockchain, chain ID: 0x7f93).

  2. An address containing 100 FSN/FUSE or more is to be considered a “Fusionite”. A “Fusionite” may be rewarded if they perform votes, if the voting contract of the particular vote specifies that Fusionites are to somehow be rewarded.

  3. A vote proposal should always contain these elements: A. The time for the proposal needs to be 7 days or more. B. The “snapshot block” should be set at least 30 000 blocks into the future from the start of the block, but never so long into the future that it happens after the end of the vote. C. The vote should always only have these three options: “Yes”, “No” and “Indifferent”.

  4. An address containing 10 000 FSN/FUSE or more is to be considered a “FUSE whale”. A “FUSE whale” will not be rewarded for voting but will have the power to create a valid proposal for voting without the approval of anyone else. Addresses closely tied with a “FUSE whale” such that it is obvious they are controlled by the same person will also be excluded both from voting results (unless they vote “indifferent”) and voting awards. Proposals created by “FUSE whales” can be anything and should be honored to the extent it is possible if passed. “FUSE whales” should vote with the option “Indifferent” on proposals they create themselves. This is the way in which the vote is validated. “Fusionites” may also create vote proposals, but these are only to be considered valid if a “FUSE whale” votes with the option “Indifferent” in order to validate the vote. The vote would also need to have been set up according to all above rules to be considered valid.

  5. For a vote to be considered valid, a minimum of 40% of all FSN/FUSE must have taken part (“FUSE whale” voting counts towards this 40% only if they voted with the option “indifferent”).

  6. As long as no future vote changes this rule. The first 20 “Fusionites” to vote in a proposal (including this one) will be awarded 0.001 FMN (from address: 0x34b82b5e32068dc238c9814c64c889edffa33287) if it is passed.

The voting portal can be found here

The current state of this whole website is in fact the result of a vote that took place on the FSN/FUSE contract, but focus on the token has since calmed down as the site has been focusing on the whole Fusion ecosystem. It's possible important decisions will be made with the token in the future too though. The old site can still be found here.

A curios point is that there exists 50 bottles of Fusion mead, each with a hidden cryptographic message that can unviel a "Fusionite treasure" of 100 FSN/FUSE each.

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