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Chainge and Fusion communities are buzzing on Twitter, and an AI story about Fusion.

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Many apologies for not writing more here lately. Part of the reason is that Twitter is so busy and responsive that it's tough to motivate writing content here. But updates are needed now again, and we have a new year with an updated roadmap.

We have new strike prices for futures and options and over 1500 integrated assets on the chain. I've written a post about strategies on my personal blog.

An interesting idea I had today was to do community polling to try to decide what currency symbols people wanted FSN and CHNG to have. As in a symbol used instead of $ or £. Currently it looks like ∮ will be used for FSN and ℂ will be used for CHNG. I find this to be pretty cool and because DJ Qian spoke recently about wanting to try and integrate ChatGPT into Chainge. I decided it might be appropiate to try and generate a story there about currency use with the ∮ (I kind of view this symbol as saying "the integration of all coins") symbol.

Anyway here are the results:

Emily was a pro at shopping in the city, and she knew exactly how to navigate stores that used the ∮ currency. It was just another day of shopping for her as she wandered through the racks of clothes at the new boutique in downtown. She scanned the price tags, noting the costs of various outfits in ∮. A cute shirt was marked at ∮50, a pair of jeans was ∮80, and a dress she had her eye on was ∮120. It was easy for Emily to convert the ∮ amounts to her usual currency in her head, and she was always pleasantly surprised at how affordable the prices ended up being. As she browsed through the store, Emily couldn't help but notice a beautiful dress hanging on the rack. It was marked at ∮150, but she knew it was worth the splurge. She took it up to the counter and paid the salesperson the ∮150 without hesitation. Emily left the store with a smile on her face and the perfect dress in hand. She loved shopping in stores that used ∮ as their currency because it always made her feel like she was getting a good deal. She couldn't wait to show off her new dress to all of her friends.

One of the benefits of shopping in stores that used the ∮ currency was that you were essentially "lending" the money to the shop instead of paying for the goods outright. This meant that the shop would use the borrowed ∮ to generate interest over a pre-designated 4 month period. At the end of the 4 months, the shopper could then use the original ∮ amount plus the interest earned to shop once again as though nothing had happened. This was a great way for shoppers to stretch their money further and get a good deal on their purchases. For Emily, this system was a game changer. She loved that she could borrow ∮ from the shop to buy the things she needed, and then use the interest earned to make even more purchases in the future. It was like a never-ending cycle of shopping and earning, and Emily couldn't get enough of it. She found that she was able to save a lot of money by shopping in stores that used the ∮ currency, and she always made sure to keep an eye out for new stores that adopted this innovative system. She knew that by using ∮, she was always getting the best deal possible.

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