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10 shades of Chainge?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

DJ Qian has been a busy man ever since he set himself upon the task of creating Chainge Finance. Recently he stated that he considered it to be not just 1 project, but 10.

"1. Send assets thru phone number/contact/twitter

2. Cross chain roaming

3. Cross chain liquidity aggregation swap

4. Futures DEX

5. Options and Options trading

6. Time Framing to Earn

7. Decentralized Perpetual Contracts Margin trading

8. Decentralized Escrow

9. Virtual Credit Card fiat off ramp

10.Hardware wallet"

He's also hinted that perhaps some of these aspects could evolve faster if handled and promoted in seperate teams, while still maintaining their availability in one app. Important: This is just on the thought stage and should not be taken out of context. But if we do allow us to consider the thoughts taken further, and consider the effects. Each aspect could potentially spur a seperate project furthering the Fusion ecosystem.

Keeping it all together also has benefits, but the cryptocurrency world has fierce competition. What strategy will gurantee staying ontop as time continues to pass? More teams with more specific focus, or one team trying to do everything? It's not a simple thing to answer, or an easy choice to make. Likely we'll be seeing a bit of both. Chainge will keep on being a core which everything passes through, but perhaps it'll get more inviting in its cooperation with new teams who are interested in evolving one or more of the things Chainge has already done. Regardless, the future is always exciting when things take on change and spin in new directions.

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