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A new theme for - Fusion

While a lot is happening with Chainge Finance, onboarding more and more people and getting itself more and more used every day, things are still advancing also for Fusion independant of Chainge. Chainge has brought thousands of assets to Fusion, but in many cases not even the creators of those assets may be well aware of it.

Thus its important that Fusion also gets an improvement to its identity. The website and information about Fusion is in dire need of an update from it's official place and an initiative to make that happen has been started.

The Fusion team has previously been busy with keeping the chain up to date and building and is currently working on an improved remake of MyFusionWallet as to make life a little easier for Fusion stakers.

But as these tasks are complete, it'll be time for the image rehaul to happen, and there's currently a small group of people gathering to try to make it a reality. Personally I have taken it upon myself to come up with the "graphic theme" of the new website with the help of the amazing AI project Midjourney.

And this post is a little teaser of what you might come to expect from the new site.

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