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AnySwap due to launch on ED25519 type chains and gets huge recognition from peers.

The other day saw some interesting tweets by both Andre Cronje and Zhaojun He where they mentioned AnySwap being ready for ED25519 signatures? What does this mean? Currently AnySwap has only been running on ECDSA-signature type chains (for example Ethereum, Fusion, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain), but now it's also ready to handle ED25519 signatures which is used by a couple of other blockchain (or blockchain systems) such as Polkadot, Solana and Cardano.

Likely this means that we'll see AnySwap launched on these chains quite soon. We're also expecting a launch on Avalanche which may or may not happen before this.

Either way this is very exciting news for the future, as it makes AnySwap future proof, regardless of whether ECDSA or ED25519 type signatures end up as a standard in the future. And even if it ends up as some entirely new standard, created by entierly new blockchains, it won't matter because AnySwap will keep on adopting.

To further showcase AnySwap's current importance in the crypto space, let's take a look at what some competing cross-chain solutions and dexes have been saying.

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