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AnySwap Farming Halted - cooperation with Sushi and 1inch

This news was announced by Zhao Jun yesterday. What this means is still quite unclear, but he's mentioned that we'll be seeing ANY and aBTC on SushiSwap. Most likely this will be an important step for AnySwaps recognition in the cryptospace, making it more welcome in the Ethereum world which could end up solving the major issue of liquidity.

However the integration (whatever it is) also required the halting of ANY farming for two weeks, effectively ending ANY rewards for LPs of AnySwap during this period. An interesting and speculative period for ANY who absolutely sky-rocketed in the last few days. Likely the cooperation with 1inch and SushiSwap also carries some connection to that price increase (in addition to the tweet from Andre).

It's all quite puzzling, but one thing is clear. More and more players are eyeing AnySwap now.

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helong yang
helong yang
06 ก.พ. 2564

Why stop the reward, everyone is very confused

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