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AnySwap on a roll! SushiSwap, Matic and Governance promise.

AnySwap is alive and kicking and just announced a bunch of interesting things. Perhaps most interesting is that they finally announced cooperation with SushiSwap officially.

However this was not all. They also announced integration of Polygon (Matic) which marks a somewhat new era of embaring into Ethereum layer 2 territory.

Personally I think the most important news regarding AnySwap (or at least the ANY-token) came from Zhao Jun in the AnySwap TG a few days ago.

He explains here that Circulating Supply of ANY is 20 million and also stressed that ANY is a governance token and that decisions to use anything outside of 20 million ANY needs to be a decision made together.

Effectively what this means is that the 20 million ANY in current circulation governs what happens to the other 80 million ANY. So if, for example, owners of the current 20 million want the other 80 million to never see circulation, than that will also be so. If you think about this a little more it effectively means that ANY holds power over 4 times its own worth, regardless of what the price currently is.

This is quite interesting and as long as AnySwap remains true to these words, it means we won't see further dilution of ANY (unlesscurrent ANY holders see really good reason for this to happen). This situation is very, very different from the constant reward inflation we saw for ANY previously.

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