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AnySwap to focus on Bridging. No more ANY for LPs of AnySwap, but Sushi for LPs of ANY.

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Today Zhaojun finally let us all know a little more about the direction AnySwap is going in. Though there's many details that still need to be made known. A few things were made clear. 1. ANY LP-rewards and Swap rewards are ending completely. So AnySwap farms are no longer useful. 2. You will be able to earn from LPing ANY but not on AnySwap, but on other swap DEXs, such as SushiSwap. 3. There will be a general refocus of the product to primarily create bridges between chains bringing about interoperability and also to help other DEXs to achieve this. A service more close to what REN has been doing for Ethereum, but instead doing this for all chains. 4. AnySwap will still remain as a DEX, but resources are no longer into building liquidity in the same way, but the 0,3% fee for LPs from swapers remain the same.

Given that these changes mean that ANY is no longer inflationary, rumours have started regarding a possible token burn.

Based on all this, AnySwap might not end up becoming the ultimate DEX, but might become the bridge that helps brings all the SwapDexs together. Who knows though? This can put AnySwap in a central position, and UniSwap is still used to a great degree, even though their LP-rewards ended long ago.

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