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Chainge - BscNews - non-custodial, time-frame DEX and the role of FRC758 tokens

Bsc News once again tweeted out news about Chainge and Fusion today.

And this time, I feel like we actually learned some new things. The news article very clearly pushed that Chainge is non-custodial, meaning Chainge does not hold custody over funds, but instead smart contracts on Fusion, or a DCRM gateway. This is in contrast to how pre-app deposits have worked, which have appeared to be custodial.

The article sparked some discussions with DJ Qian, which I feel have made it much more clear both exactly what Chainge will be and what the role of FRC758s will be. Basically FRC758s will be the Chainge tokens. These will run on Fusion, and they'll be able to handle any two tokens so pairs like BTC/USDT, BTC/ETH could be made possible in addition to FSN/BTC, FSN/USDT. Basically any pairings will be possible (but I imagine some focus will be given to keeping pairings liquid and not roll out everything at once).The unique part about FRC758s though seems to be that it can treat TL BTC (in Chainge TL is called TF or time frame) or TL FSN as completely separate tokens from BTC and FSN. This is what enables unique future exchange pairings to be created as a liquidity pairings like BTC/TL BTC and FSN/TL FSN. These must though be set up to handle specific dates and according to DJ the focus will be on two dates at a time and that the infinity end TLs will be used (for example FSN/TL FSN(2022-01-01 to infinity). So if you were to stake some FSN until that time, it could still be used to provide liquidity in that pairing, or even be swaped back for full FSN (at a slight loss of course). Regardless this will open many new interesting possibilities.

But let's get back to the gateway for a minute and take a look at what happens if you deposit BTC or USDT to Chainge. If this is done you will get instead BTC or USDT in FRC758 format that runs on Fusion. So it'll be very similar to an AnySwap bridge. The difference is that the format is FRC758 instead of FRC20 which also enables Fusion TLs in addition to AMM. I'm very happy about this information, as it let's us know exactly the way in which Chainge will use Fusion. CHNG itself will also be an FRC758 and actually in order to use this new DEX even FSN will need to be converted/wrapped to the FRC758 format through the Chainge gateway.

I think if a DCRM-gateway ever will run natively on the Fusion blockchain it's likely to be the Chainge gateway.

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