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Chainge Interest Launched

Chainge launched it's new website today. This is bigger news then what I could have been imagined as it means Chainge now has the same kind of functions as some of its competitors like Celsius have. Except the rates are absolutely great when compared to most of the competition. Over 8% interest on BTC and over 16% interest on USDT. Of course it is new and untried, but I've decided to give it ago, and it turns out that the first 1000 depositors get an extra 50 USDT for their troubles in a bonus they may claim. Further in addition to regular interest you will also earn CHNG. Based on the on-site calculator 3500 USDT will yield 5580 CHNG after 12 months. The supposed rule is you get 1 CHNG for every 0.1 USDT earned in interest. Overall it's all "highly interesting".

I must admit that the behind the scenes economy making all this work still eludes me, but as Chainge evolves I'm sure it'll be understood much better how this can be sustainable in the long run.

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