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Chainge will make trading BTC and USDT interest possible, with the power of Fusion Time-locks!

Today DJ Qian, shared the following on Fusion's Telegram:

Actually this was two amazing pieces of news. An update to Fusion's DCRM interoperability but the real news here is that Chainge will launch a DEX trading BTC/TL BTC and USDT/TL USDT.

What does this mean exactly?

To realise this we must understand what TL is, and if you're into Fusion you will already know quite a bit about TL FSN , which can be used to extract interest in the form of FSN through staking it for a limited period of time decided by the TL contract.

But how could such a time limited contract extract interest from USDT or BTC? These, after all, hold no inherent interest yielding features on the Fusion network? However, by submitting USDT or BTC to Chainge.Finance you can already today start earning interest both on BTC (>8% apy) and USDT (>16% apy). This interest is made possible by institutional arbitrage carried out on full BTC and USDTas a Chainge user, you never see it and wouldn't need to think about it. What you will be able to do though is split your BTC and USDT into time slices, just like you can currently do with FSN and holding these slices in the Chainge app would get you the interest yield from these TLs. But this is just the first step.

DJ also mentioned there will be a BTC/TL BTC DEX, meaning you can at any time exchange the TL BTC for full BTC at a given rate. It will be very interesting to see what this looks like and how it can work for TLs set to different periods of time and how the DEX will handle this evaluation. Will for example BTC TL set to 1 year to 2 years from now, hold the same value as a slice from current time to 1 year from now, given that they span the same period of time? Likely not, as current time value will always be considered more imminent.

The exact details will be clear in time, but Chainge is for certain going to be utlizing Fusion TLs to the full extent for BTC, USDT and FSN. It will allow people to freely play with their BTC and stable coins in ways that's never before been done!

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