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Don't be scared of using Chainge in Pro-mode!

If you’re using Chainge beginner mode and want to switch to Pro-mode to use the same wallet for both Chainge and Metamask 1. Create a Metamask wallet and write down the seed words. 2. Set up Metamask for Fusion. To do this navigate into networks settings. (On desktop it is where it says “? Ethereum mainnet” in a slide down menu at the very top of the app. Scroll all the way down to “Custom RPC”)Then enter:

Network Name: Fusion

Chain ID: 32659

Currency symbol: FSN

Block Explorer: 3. Move all assets from your Chainge Beginner wallet into your new Metamask wallet. If you have assets in liquidity pools, remove them from the pools and send them over too. Move everything, including time-framed assets. Leave only 0.01 full FSN, so the wallet has gas in case you want to use it again. 4. Go to your Chainge wallet and choose “More” and under “Security” choose “Account type” and choose “Change account mode”. This will take you to a warning screen. Don’t be scared of any of this, if you already moved everything out, just check the confirm option and proceed with “proceed”. On the next screen choose “import an existing wallet”. Then enter your 12 word seed phrase you got from metamask. Afterwards you will once again get a couple of warning screens. Again just check “confirm”, “I confirm” “proceed” etc. You will then be asked to secure your wallet with a 6 digit passcode. Choose something and re-enter it. 5. Voila! You’re in pro-mode in Chainge, and you can use your wallet in metamask too. You can use as a guide to add coins and LP-contracts you have on Chainge to Metamask too. If you have something not on the lists yet, let us know. We'll work on making it more complete. For now we have basics covered. One of the many things this will allow you to do is use Chainge and the Freemoon Faucet with the same wallet, which is really helpful. But it's also helpful for full control of your assets in Chainge and to be able to use full opportunity in the crypto world in general, due to Metmask being so easy to configure for any network or token contract that you want.

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