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Dopamine launches with a great working mobile wallet for AnySwap!

A problem for AnySwap has been a lack of support from MetaMask regarding non-Ethereum networks. Dopamine now changes this, launching an in-app feature for AnySwap making it possible to exteremely simply switch between Fusion and all the other sister networks (Fantom, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain).

This function has actually been out for some time, but now the in-app tx-execution also functions for both Apple and Android users.

Try it out! ( ) But also a word of warning, as your most valuable wallets are always best safeguarded by a ledger.

Dopamine also features a Fusion wallet for the Quantum Swap Market, but this part is still under construction and currently lie a bit hidden in the app. We'll update more as these native Fusion functions are expanded.

As a user who often uses AnySwap on mobile on multiple networks, this is very welcome news for me!

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