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ECB report update and general update!

I have to admit I've been a little bad at keeping things up to date lately. But today we got something that absolutely can't go without a news update.

ECB released a new report today where Fusion yet again appears, and this time it's not just a draft.

On page 36 the following is mentioned:

"Open source solution for connecting blockchains by FUSION(48) Fusion aims to connect different DLTs by means of a common public blockchain using decentralised control rights management (DCRM), where assets are held and transferred on behalf of the user across heterogeneous chains. DCRM offers hot wallet liquidity with cold wallet security, a key recovery system, a settlement network and an option to introduce protection requiring multiple approvals for both on-chain and off-chain workflows. (48) See the Fusion website."

Though it's tough to say exactly how big this is for Fusion, it's definatly not something that should be taken lightly. If you scroll down and look at the contributors of the report, you'll see it's not names who would sign off on something without thorough review of all contents.

So what else is there to report?

Yesteday FRC758s were open sourced.

TVL on AnySwap is increasing at a drastic rate. And there's a very interesting cooperation with Nerve Finance. AnySwap also now supports the Avalanche network. And $ANY just got listed on

In terms of community news a second trading channel was created in Telegram, which will aim to hold a harder line in moderation.

A huge day for the Fusion ecosystem!

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