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Extracting value from TF-$CHNG and other TF-assets.

Chainge Finance has recently added writing options, trading options and providing liquidity for options in their app, which has created completely new opportunities to explore for the bold DeFiant. I don't believe I could properly analyze all of it in a fair way, but I'd like to point to some ways in which I have used it.

I have for a while been providing quite a lot of liquidity between TF-FSN and FSN -- so much that it has become a major source of income in $CHNG tokens. There are other pools you could use to create a base income for $CHNG. Another popular one has been $CHNG/USDT. This article won't go into detail for how you provide liquidity for these pools because it's considered "basics".

When Chainge added all things options they added the possibility to time-frame $CHNG at the same time through the "Earn" feature. Time-framing $CHNG will give you some $FSN call-options and some $FMN as a small bonus (very great for $FMN to be spread among Chainge users in this way!).

I decided to basically time-frame all $CHNG I have and even buy more $CHNG and time frame that too? Why?

Because owning TF-assets is what enables you to write Call options for a particular asset, and with some basic analysis of various options prices I found that $CHNG call options were severally over priced. $CHNG CO as they have been designed will be relavent at a time when $CHNG is worth above 0.16 USD (if it happens before the eoy (close to 2x from current price). Though I don't see this happening as any form of impossible scenario, I would not be willing to bet something close to current $CHNG value on it happening. But for a brief perios $CHNG-CO and $CHNG value weren't too different and the liquidity was quite real.

This opportunity isn't still what it was earlier today, but definatly watch out for overpriced options and try to use them in your favour,

This basically meant that you could eat your cake over and over again and keep it.

Step 1. TF your CHNG get some free FSN CO and FMN

Step 2. Write CHNG CO with your TF-CHNG (done in the "Bank" part of the Chainge app), this step means you don't lose your TF-assets, but you lock them in (for real), in exchange for writing the options (which are the front part of the Fusion time-locks).

Step 3. Sell the freshly written CHNG CO, and have nearly half the money you started with again.

Step 4. Rinse and repeat.

If the option your looking at isn't overpriced you probably don't want to go for step 4, but for overpriced options it should definatly be considered. I'd say any option that is more than 30% away from its target and is worth more than 15% of the original asset should be considered overpriced.

I haven't yet had time to look much at the Put options. These you write with TF-USDT (all of them), making TF-USD super useful. I'd be looking a lot more closely on those if I wasn't so bullish on the Fusion ecosystem and I'm sure it is ripe with unexplored opportunities as well.

Regarding the keeping the FSN-CO options (which were more reasonably valued) and FMN, I have been holding on to those or provided liquidity for them.

-Individual Pirate

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