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FSN and ANY yield launched on QuickSwap

I've mentioned this topic before here and here, but now it's finally happening. A QUICK yield of 2.1 QUICK/day has been launched on the FSN/QUICK pair and the ANY/QUICK pair on polygon.

It's been officially announced on AnySwap medium and the LP-tokens can be submited for yield in to start earning.

I'm very excited about this for several reasons.

  1. It show cases how we can bring real uses to $ANY and $FSN on multiple chains. And we have AnySwap, the best tool for it, to help make it happen.

  2. $ANY has been missing a real use-case ever since $ANY yields were turned off. Now yield possibility is back again in a reasonable place (and same for FSN).

  3. QuickSwap to me looks like it could become the absolutely best DEX out there. A. It's fast, it's scalable and it's cheap to use B. Polygon has a direct gateway to Ethereum where it's easy to bring a selection of tokens back and forth from Ethereum without involving anyone. C. It now also has AnySwap which is able to bring tokens and coins from all over the crypto-world to it. A, B and C together can make it the ideal melting pot (and has decentralization advantages over, for example, BSC). D. They have a great policy and terms for how to get yield on new pairings. (This last point is most important imo. Because all the other criteria could be fulfilled in other places too. But to grow a DEX, the management of it needs to have the right approach and actually want to build a great DEX above all else).

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