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FSN futures, will play an important role in the Chainge DEX liquidity.

-And it should be absolutely great for FSN stakers.

I've summarized the reasons why I think this will be the case below

  1. FSN-futures higher degree of trustlessness than other assets.

  2. Over 50% of FSN supply is already staked.

  3. Staking FSN + using future FSN in liquidity can offer double yields.

FSN-futures higher degree of trustlessness than other assets

When you time-frame assets in the what happens is not quite the same for $FSN as it is for other assets.

In the case of non-FSN assets, the assets will be moved into Chainge custody and you will get a greater amount of futures of the assets + CHNG on the Fusion blockchain. You get this directly and can use it directly. It's a great deal, but the value of the future assets you were issued hinges not just on the market, but also on Chainge ability to deliver their value at the promised time.

When you time-frame FSN what you get is a more direct deal that is completely independent of Chainge's abaility to deliver. It's a more trustless deal where Chainge only gets time-slices of your FSN and the futures you get is very real FSN that you yourself can make full without relying on anyone on 2022-01-01.

This essential difference should perhaps make people slightly more keen to time-frame FSN than other assets.

Over 50% of FSN supply is already staked

With so much FSN already staked, you can say that this amount is in fact already time-framed. Some of the staked FSN may already be timeframed beyond 2022-01-01. If it is, it means the staker is already willing to time-frame to the date that Chainge DEX is going to use as a basis for the Futures DEX intially and the stakers could choose to use their future FSN in Chainge DEX without even making a deal with Chainge.

So the question is definatly not if there will be enough time-framed FSN, but rather if stakers will be willing to use it in liquidity.

Staking FSN + using future FSN in liquidity can offer double yields

Full information on this has yet to be released, but we do know that 30% of CHNG supply has been reserved for liquidity and 5% of CHNG supply has been reserved for FSN. Given these numbers, I think it's relatively safe to say that one of the best yield opportunities to get CHNG should be use future FSN in liquidity. Through staking you are already producing a yield from your future $FSN, but by also using the future $FSN in liquidity you will be able to get additional yield in $CHNG.

Personally I have not been acquiring much $CHNG, because I've been holding out for this opportunity to be certain that I can use my $FSN in the best way possible to get the most out of it.

$CHNG will probably be an important liquidity asset too for the Chainge DEX, but future $FSN has a lot going for it, to potentially be the biggest liquidity provider and open the door to yield double yield opportunities that uses time in a way the world hasn't seen so far.

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