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Fusion Achievements 2022 (H1) 🪢

Since the new Reddit launched news have mostly been flowing there and on Twitter instead of here. But currently so much is going on that we need to summarize it.

-Chainge has began launching lots of assets and a number of big name assets such as XRP, XLM, ADA, DOGE and VET. For the full list of assets currently supported look at (getting close to 300+)

- Blocmates wrote another article about Chainge. This time zooming in on the new and fully launched Cross-chain aggregator and how it is currently leading the world of aggregation . The total liquidity available to it is said to be as much as 70 billion USD, which is pretty crazy contemplating how undervalued the Fusion Ecosystem still is. For the unitiated the aggregator essentially combines the liquidity of every DEX on every chain in the whole crypto world and makes swaping between anything super smooth and super easy.

-Most recently the Freemoon Faucet has launched another DEX on Fusion on Being just launched it is still very basic and will have many more things coming. What currently makes it unique is that it is the only DEX on Fusion where you can combine any type of assets in LP (including futures, options and assets issued by Multichain or older FRC20 tokens) and also that it's usable on desktop.

-Most surprising is perhaps that a number of new projects are coming and actively building on Fusion. This is quite a new trend because it's very "self-going" projects that don't really need much support and build themselves and are ready to deploy.

-A number of the new projects are coming from Elastos. is a NFT marketplace where creation and auctioning of NFTs can take place and who seems to be leading the way on the move to Fusion is one of the most prominent NFT projects in existance on Pasar. Fusion is already being implemented in Pasar and the NFT marketplace should soon be fully available for Fusionites and Elafans alike. This move may also need further integration of the Web 3 Walllet app Elastos Essentials with Fusion. Which would make Fusion actually have three different options for Web3 Portals. Metamask, Elastos Essentials and Chainge (once the Chainge web-app plug-in launches).

-Another project that recently stated they will be building on Fusion is aiming to be a video sharing platform based on blockchain. A more secure youtube, if you will. Their attraction to Fusion is that Fusion has full interoperability to the whole crypto space, leaving it more openended what technology they choose to use.

-Another builder on Fusion that have already began their launch is Fusion Web3 Domains which sell .fsn domain names as NFT. Eventually you will be able to send assets to these domains just as what is currently very popular with ENS domains on Ethereum. A big difference however is that FSN domains are owned for life and not just some yearly subscription. Down the line you should also be able to build a website on these domains. Fusion Web3 Domains already had their initial sale of domains, but even current prices are still much, much cheaper than the competition on other blockchains. It seems like the same builder is launching domain names on many smaller blockchains and aims to bring them together in a more powerful marketing campaign later on. They also have plans to launch their own token, and early domain buyers might be due for an airdrop.

-I should also mention Soup Finance, a more advanced lending platform that began building on Fusion some time ago, and seem to be getting ready for their first launches. They recently released updated documentation which describes more in detail what they're about and what you will be able to do on their platform. From the looks of it, they plan to do what they can to make a better lending platform by help of Fusion time framing and interoperability. Given the bad news lately on collateral liquidations and whatnot, this should certainly be in the right direction for a lending platform. They are also looking at NFTs, which could perhaps be an interesting tie in with Bunny Punks and Fusion Web3 Domains among others.

Though there is a lot going on, Fusion is still struggling to get noticed by the wider crypto space. A while back Chainge launched a campaign where you could send crypto assets to influencers through Twitter, and if they downloaded the app and connected their Twitter to Chainge in order to recieve the money, the senders who "lured them in" would be rewarded by spliting 100k $CHNG propotionally. Despite influencers, and those trying to "influence" them, are both essentially getting free money through this, it's been very tough to get them to take these simple actions. Recently there was a breakthrough though and the first recognized "big influencer" (from a list of 100 KOLs) actually did this and also went on to promote Chainge a little. It may seem like a small step, but it could be one that leads to another and eventually things might take off into a sprint.

Another important marketing tool is something came up with. "Let's hi-jack an emoji on Twitter!" Everybody quickly liked the idea, and since then Fusionites have been flying the 🪢-banner next to their user names as a symbol of unity, exploration and security for the whole Fusion ecosystem.

It took off quite fast and it didn't take long before all the most active followers of Fusion was using it.

Edit: DJ wanted (H1) added to the title of this article. I assume, it's his way of saying there is so much more to come this year!

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