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Fusion in 2022

I just updated my estimated and want to summarize some of my thoughts around this.

In particular I want to elaborate on the need for another DEX. We already have Chainge DEX and which are both extremely great in their own ways and probably bring envy among any other blockchain to have 2 such amazing gateways that both started on Fusion.

The problem is that MultiChain (who runs is no longer focused on Fusion and Chainge DEX is only available through the Chainge app and further requires Chainge full cooperation for a listing. This makes it quite tough for start-up projects to establish themselves in either of these places.

Therefore a more regular DEX where it's quite simple to establish yourself could go a long way in helping new projects get started on Fusion. There's probably at least a dozen projects currently wanting to establish themselves on Fusion, but don't quite know how to best do it.

I am personally sponsoring the establishment of a new DEX through the Freemoon Faucet, but it's possible some other project will beat me to it. Either way we're probably looking at a larger variety of interests establishing themselves on Fusion in their own way. I want to highlight as a long standing such force that hasn't quite managed to fully get going on Fusion as much as they may have wanted. I think 2022 will be the year when this will become much easier, also on Fusion.

In the meantime Chainge will keep on breaking new amazing ground and bring the eyes on Fusion to new levels and transaction count and TVL will keep on rising. Whether the market is bear or bull, Fusion will be full on charging ahead to become what it's always been meant to become.

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