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Halving @ block height 4915200

In about 20 hours or so the Fusion blockchain will reach block height 4915200, this is where Fusion halving will occur and subsequent blocks will reward stakers with only 1.25 bonus FSN instead of 2.5 FSN as has been the case up until this point.

.This sounds like bad news for stakers, right?

In a way it certainly is bad news for stakers, they will more than likely end up with less FSN rewards each day, but in a way it's also good, because the less new FSN that enters the system the less inflation there will be, and the less inflation there is, the easier it is for value to appreciate.

This does not mean that value will neccessarily go up, but it does mean that the circumstances for it to be able to happen might have become a little better.

This is though not the most important part about halving. The most important part is that this is a preset event configured before Fusion launched as a blockchain and that nobody currently controls. So it'll be exciting to see if it actually happens. There is very little reason to suspect it won't -but yet- before it actually happens you never know 100%. That is why it's an exciting thing to keep your eyes on. Because it will also mean that halvings in general are working as they should, and that we'll have another one in two years and yet another one in 4 years etc. And nobody can really halt, control or stop it from happening.

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