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How to build a FREEMOON bot army!

In the previous article I explained how to use your Chainge pro mode in combination with Metamask. This is extremely useful when claiming FREE and trying to win FMN the regular way, and when claiming your airdrop rewards.

But in order to build a bot army you'll need an entierly different software built by the FREEMOON faucet and in this article I'll explain how to run it on a Linux system.

  1. Visit and move to the Bot Army tab. Under the tab there is also a guide which to an extent will same the same things as this guide. But this guide will probably go a little bit more in depth about some things.

  2. Download the program file from here (at the time of writing it's currently not available, but if you do have a Linux system you may visit which has a link to the latest Linux testing version of the program).

  3. After downloading you might need to open a terminal window and move yourself to the folder where you downloaded the program and then write the following line (if you by chance are downloading a later version ata later time, just adjust the filename to whatever it is called at the time):

chmod a+x FREEMOON-0.1.0.AppImage

4. After you did this make sure you are connected to the internet, and then just click the file in order to execute it.

5a. You then meet a screen looking something like the below. Here you can either enter your own seed words, or choose to generate seed words. It is reccomended as a first time user that you choose to generate new seed words and NOT use any existing wallet you have, simply because you may not wish to turn one of your existing wallets into a "bot general". However, write down the seed words before choosing to continue. It is also a good idea to copy the private key that is displayed and use it to import the address into your Metamask wallet. Once you are comfortable that you have secured all the seed words and keys, you can press continue.

Since this particular seed phrase is exposed here, never use it for anything.

5b. If you are opening the program for your second time, and for some reason chose to hit the "generate" button, but wanted to enter the seed words you already used from before, you'll find that you can't type in new words, just generate new wallets. The solution is simple, just exit the program and restart it.

6. The next screen is where you choose how many bots you want to have. Here you need to consider a) How much FREE/day you wish to be able to generate b) How many bots you feel you can afford to have. Each bot is going to generate 24 FREE/day as long as you are able to keep it active (more on this later) and the cost to for subscribing each bot will be a minimum of 1 FSN. You also need to consider that the bots will be consuming gas. So in order to keep them active for a long time allocate at least 1.1 FSN for each bot. Another aspect to consider for those building large armies, is whether you want just one or several armies and if you want all the bots in the same army or not. I would for example not reccomend creating a single army with more than 4000 bots, because then it will be able to generate 100 000 FREE in less than a day, and you'll be very busy trying to reallocate chunks of 100 000 FREE to new adresses in order to use them most effectively. Armies of 4000 bots or lower though can all be part of reasonable strategies for full efficiency though. After you decide how many you want, simply enter the number and choose confirm.

7. Congratulations you've made it into the final screen and your bots are in production. Don't do anything until they're done generating! Once they're done generating, choose subscribe all. For the time being it is reasonable to have "1 gwei" as the gas price (maybe this changes after everyone starts running these bots and chooses something higher than 1 gwei to get an edge).

8. Wait for all the bots to be subscribed.

9. Only after all the bots have been subscribed hit the "Start/stop claiming" button. It shouldn't take too long before your bots will start claiming. You might notice that all the claims are actually done by your main bot account, when you investigate it. And in truth your main bot account does pretty much everything. So, what are the other bots for you may wonder? Well, the main bot can only subscribe its own address once, but it can also subscribe any address that it wants. When claims are done, they'll be made to the address that subscribed the address instead of the actual address. All the other addresses that your main bot subscibes are also derived from the same seed phrase as the main bot, and therefore it's not like it'll be subscribing someone elses address by mistake or anything like that. This is a rather big comfort for you as a user, because you never even have to think about any of the other bot adresses, only your main "bot general". If you have an address with lots of bots, you'll notice that there is a certain pace that claiming is done. This pace is 78 claims/block (same for subscribing). So deploying 4000 bots will take 52 blocks (11-12 minutes) and will create quite substantial network activity every hour.

10. So now it's all done right, the bots will just keep going? Yes and no. In my opinion you just did the easy part, so far. The reason I say this is because your system (as in the computer you are running the program from) is what's powering the bots. What this means is that in order to keep the bots going you a) Need your system on 24/7 b) You need it online 24/7 and c)You need the FREEMOOn bot army program running 24/7. Eventually we will add a way where you can hook the bots onto a VPS instead of your own system. But starting out this will be the way. Keep your computer running and online 24/7. Luckily it's much more forgiving than for example Fusion staking. If the program shuts down, or you go off line, or have to turn off your computer, you can just start things up again. But it's not a simple "set it and forget it" thing.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Once you have ran one bot army for a while and collected 200 000 FREE or more, you might want to run a second army for a bigger chance to win FMN. For this second army it's really enough with just 1 bot, since it's purpose would be more trying to score FMN by holding 100 000 FREE and attempting every hour, rather than collecting even more FREE. You'll be glad to know that it works perfectly well to run several instances of the program on your system at the same time. So if you want you could run 20 bot armies or more on the same computer. In the future we might make this possible in a single instance of the program. But for now, multiple programs running is the way.

  2. When keeping your system on 24/7 edit your power settings so that your screen is as dark as possible in order to not consume unneccessary power. Also test if your screen saver interferes with the program or not. If it doesn't leave it on, if it does, you need to turn it off.

  3. If your system has a temporary case of going offline, it's possible that this interrupted the program even if it came back offline. So if you find that your bots are no longer claiming, this could be the reason, and if so you may need to restart the program.

  4. When restarting the same seed phrase, always choose the same number of bots as you already subscribed, unless your intention is to subscribe even more adresses in that army. Due to this it can be good to note down how many bots your army has next to the seed words for that particular bot army, so that you don't forget it.

  5. In order to move FREE and FMN to another address it's easiest to use Metamask. Add the FREE and FMN contracts to your Metamask wallet for your bot army address. Then you can send your claims anywhere you want them.

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