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How to establish a project on the Fusion Blockchain?

One of the main reasons I started the Freemoon Faucet was to discover how to establish yourself on the crypto market through Fusion. So that it's possible to guide others how to do this as well.

Before I begin, I also want to point out a few things. 1. You DON'T neccessarily NEED to create a token in order to launch an interesting and profitable smart contract service. Not having your own token can actually be beneficial in terms of gaining user interest. This said, this guide will be primarily directed towards establishing a token and how to successfully get it going in crypto markets.

Before even thinking about doing this there are some "basics" that you will need to control. 1. Significant crypto assets resources. Though perhaps some tokens "rise out of nothing", it really helps to be already be in control of enough of resources to carry value and liquidity in initial phases, not to mention development and promotion costs. 2. Trustworthy developer resources. Maybe you yourself will write and deploy the contracts, but if not you need a smart contract writer you can trust. You likely also need some form of interface artist and promotion specialist. Some of these roles you might be able to take on yourself, but likely not all of them. 3. You need an understanding of every aspect you don't directly control or execute. Otherwise it's very easy to be fooled or to fool yourself.

Good things to have in terms of establishing yourself before launch: 1. Website 2. A public foundation document (white paper or similar) hopefully containing unique ideas you can deliver on 3. A public github. 4. A Twitter account 5. Telegram and/or Discord channel(s). 6. A planned and announced to market date (strangely, perhaps the toughest thing to get right).

The next thing to consider is "where are you coming from". Though this post is primarily to those who want to make Fusion their "chain of origin", it's perfectly possible and currently probably even easier to set up on another EVM chain originally and attain some form of start-up funds there. Once you have acheieved some "crypto notability" contact Chainge and ask them to create cross-chain contracts for you. You will get one on Fusion, and you'll get them on any other chain you want. If you don't like Chainge, you can get AnySwap to do the same thing - however - if establishment on Fusion is important to you, using Chainge for this purpose is highly reccomended. In this case the only thing you likely need to do yourself is adjusting your logo format to fit Chainge needs. In terms of logo needs, you need to have 78 x 78 in both coloured and black transparent format saved as both png and svg (a total of 4 files). For establishment on the future Freemoon DEX you would also need 192 x 192 coloured png format. What definatly can help, is if you're interested in submiting some of your tokens towards a Chainge liquidity farm. It can also be a great way to get people to build liquidity for your token. When negotiating these things speak directly to @djqian.

If you on the other hand want to use Fusion as your base chain, it is actually a bit more complex. Because in this case you need to launch the token as a FRC759 contract. Though Chainge can actually help you even with this, it's not really "your contract" if you let them do that. The code for the FRC759 contract is still very new and likely only Fusion, Chainge and Freemoon faucet developers have deep insight in how it works. There is a portion of the contract which gives centralized control of tokens to the contract creator, which can be transfered or destroyed. This is important, because in order to seek decentralized trust you really need to eventually publicly destroy this part in a way that is easily verifable. In the case of the Freemoon Faucet, we'll definatly be destroying it for $FMN but possibly not for $FREE since we want the flow of $FREE to be "under governance". To deploy a FRC759 contract it's currently reccomended to use Remix with solidity 0.8.12 and enable optimization 200. Once you have a fully working and tested FRC759 contract, you can contact Chainge and get them to make it cross-chain, enable options and create farms and more (perhaps not all at once). If you do attain cross-chain through Chainge, I sincerely suggest you use this chance to establish some liquidity in loads of different DEXs. There's probably no cheaper solution to such a wide crypto establishment (going the CEX way is so much more expensive and inconvinient than most people think).

If you don't want anything to do with Chainge, but want to establish yourself on Fusion, this is also possible, and in this case you could launch with whatever token contract you want, or bring your token over through AnySwap. In this case you will be welcome to the future Freemoon DEX regardless. You could even build your own cross-chain bridge from your own chain (A project called Charg focusing on Electric Vehicle charging, has actually done this, but are still working out their path to full token establishment).

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