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How to resolve the "Fission" within the Fusion community?

Though everyone who is invested in Fusion is a "Fusionite" and hopes to see Fusion a success, the idea of success and how it can be achieved differs between individuals. These differences become very clear when it comes to opinions on chat control.

Below I've listed some "factions" that we have in the Fusion community.

Doubters - Are people who have some investment in Fusion but may not truly believe in Fusion any more. They still may hold some in hope of something they didn't expect to happen, happens. In many cases their primary goal can, at least others, seem to be a desire to hurt the project.

Provocateurs - Are people who enjoy conflict and drama, and do whatever they can to stir things up. In some cases their goal may just be "good fun" and other times they use these tactics to get an edge in trading.

Controllers - Are believers in Fusion who are very concerned about appearances, and generally would like to see all Doubters and Provocateurs banned without mercy. They think that these groups can heavily halter the success of Fusion unless they're properly dealt with.

Liberals - Value freedom of expression and want to minimize chat control/banning and think that anyone is free to express their opinion, regardless of what it may be. Generally Liberals are respected by Controllers, but Controllers can't understand mercy given to Doubters and Provocateurs. Liberals generally believe everyone can improve. They also think Controllers that try to silence or censor Doubters/Provocateurs potentially hurts Fusion much more than what Doubters/Provocateurs do themselves. They value Transparency and Openness.

Cheerers - All of the above can also be Cheerers who actively try to spread the word about Fusion.

FUDers - Is someone who 100% just seeks to damage Fusion. Liberals don't think these exist at all, while Controllers see them everywhere.

No one will fit perfectly within any of these factions. But what we've seen in Fusion in a very long time is that chats have been in the hands of Liberals. Myself, Alg Ore and DJ Qian are examples of typical liberals.

When Max Satori was recently appointed administrator of Fusion Official, he started instead a "Controller" approach and other Controllers within the Fusion community very much liked this, while Liberals and Doubters absolutely hated it.

However, today I've had a discussion with Max on how we can move forward beyond this to something better. And the answer seems to be that Fusion Official will be a heavily controlled chat in the future, where pointless critique and attack isn't tolerated at all, while the Fusion Community chat will continue to have a more Liberal approach where any opinions are allowed, but personal attacks of any kind are not tolerated.

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