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How to track Chainge txs and LP-tokens, and how to move Chainge LP-tokens to your ledger.

Though I sure hope these things eventually get easier, I want to show some ways of how you currently can figure out what's going on with Chainge based FRC758 tokens at the moment.

When checking a regular send-tx in FSNEX at the moment, the "to address" won't be the actual reciever, instead it will be the token contract of the token that you are sending (in the below image it's the $FREE contract). The reciever and amount sent are both hidden in the "input data".

The reciever address starts with 0x and continues with what you will see after the first set of "lots of 0s", marked in red in the image below. What comes after the next set of 0s will be the amount sent (in the image below amount sent is f803bf2007ae9240000, which if converted from HEX to DEC is 73201000000000000000000 wei, or 73201 full tokens).

Considering all that you can actually study a tx in FSNEX to see what's going on albeit perhaps not as fast as you can with other more clearly presented transactions.

Another big problem I ran into is finding your Chainge LP-token contracts. This is particularily problematic if you prefer to store them outside your Chainge wallet (in your ledger, for example). Though I've listed quite a few on, which you could add and send out (with Metamask) you might have different ones from what I've managed to list.

I've only managed to find one way to actually find the identity of your Chainge LP-token contracts. The only way I know is if you actually have some of them already and then proceed to remove some of them from liquidity.

After removing liquidity (please note this only works when you remove liquidity, when you add liquidity there are 0 clues leading to the LP-token contract) go to order details for that remove liquidity order and check the first "Route step 1" transaction. Copy that transaction and paste it into FSNEX.

This transaction should have the LP-token contract as the "TO" address. If you have your Chainge wallet also in Metamask you can add it as an asset there and be able to send it to other wallets (like a hardware wallet, for example).

IF you prefer to have a "cold storage" wallet for your Chainge LP-tokens this is the way in which you can make that happen.

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