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Is FSN ready to take off?

There are a lot of signs that $FSN might be ready for an upwards price correction. For the past weeks the 0.90 USD level have taken several stabs and the sell walls on Huobi are thinning out. Ever since being listed on Huobi in 2019 $FSN droped from around 1.5 USD to 60 cents after a listing campaign where FSN could be had at half price. Fast forward 1.5 years troublesome years and we might finally see this "discount" coming to end. In the last few days Upbit and Huobi wallets are losing FSN quickly as investors are drawn to the asset behind DCRM technology, which made $FTM and $ANY fly sky-high. And if Fusion's technology can help other assets fly, it does make me curious how itself will perform once it gets started.

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