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Is there any type of contract AnySwap can't bridge, like Cross-chain elastics?

This question was recently brought up in Anyswap's Telegram and Zhaojun let us know that even elastic contracts can now be brought cross-chain through AnySwap as long as the contract supports a function called anycall.

It can be found in this example contract

So with some customization, any type of token contract (even drastically changing ones like elastic tokens) could be brought cross-chain through AnySwap.

Yet it does end here. There exists also yet another way for how elastic tokens could function cross-chain. AnySwap's own $CYC token is an example of this.

So, Zhaojun says here that $CYC can already be deployed cross-chain because the rebasing is handled by an oracle, which is independent of chains. The oracle could rebase any number of contracts simultaneously that exist on multiple chains. So perhaps we'll be seeing CYC on more of the AnySwap supported chains in the future? I personally got myself a few more $CYC just in case.

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