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Ledger on Fusion? Bad idea at the moment.

Lately the ledger wallet seems to slowly become more and more unsuable for anything not directly supported through ledger live.

I believe they explain themselves quite well here why they are on this path

Basically they want to do what they can to protect their users from unknowingly interacting with malicous contracts, but in the proccess they are basically blocking the possibility to sign complex interactions. In many cases this might not be a huge problem, but Fusion isn't officially supported by Ledger Live, so the result has been that it's become increasingly difficult to use Ledgers on Fusion. The situation hasn't been helped by the fact that it seems both Apple and Google seem to have tried to make it more difficult to use ledgers together with web-apps, such as MetaMask (also affects both and ).

Up until now, there has been some way of still being able to use a ledger on Fusion by having blind signing/contract data turned ON and debug data/display data turned OFF on Firefox in a Windows System. However with their latest update of their Ethereum app, I'm not certain there is currently any way at all to use a ledger. Further, once you update your ledger, there seems to exist no way to downgrade it again so that it could work.

I find this extremely frustrating, and I also think Ledger is oversteping their role. A hardware wallet should be a protection from phising your seed/keys, it shouldn't try to limit what contracts and chains to interact with. This should be up to the user to fully choose. And not having an ability to go back to using older versions of the dapp sofware is also very bad.

Considering all this, I would reccomend keeping your Fusion assets in Chainge or Chainge expert/Metamask seed, since this means you won't run into any trouble trying to move it. If you want high security for hodling, use a seed wallet you never interacted with. Generate the seed while offline and delete the program you used before going online (Freemoon Bot Army app is one program that can do this, but there's probably lots of others that could be used for this purpose).

Hopefully this is a temporary issue that will be solved. Because many peoples like their ledgers.

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