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Recent Articles about Fusion

There has been an increase in the amount of crypto articles mentioning Fusion lately. Just today wrote about a bright future for both Fusion and Fantom. Not too long ago they had another article on Fusion. Another site also wrote in a similar fashion regarding Fusion and Fantom. also had a recent mention. And a Spanish crypto site, wrote about ECBs mention of Fusion. which was also treated by BTCmanager here. Uzmancoin a turkish cryposite also wrote about Fusion and Fantom. As you can see it's been tough to keep up, so I might be missing a few.

Worth mentioning is also two great recent Youtube videos about AnySwap. Found here and here.

Overall the word is really getting around while Ethereum remains congested projects have began porting to Fantom and Fusion's DCRM is making it all happen through AnySwap.

In recent tweets by Andre Cronje, it's also becoming more clear that Fusion is a clear part of his plans.

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