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The Chainge DCRM gateway

Playing around with the Chainge app today, I discovered that you can move assets to Fusion without time-framing them. How to do this?

  1. Have some of the asset on it's original Chain in your Chainge wallet.

  2. Click Wealth / Assets and scroll to the relevant asset.

  3. Click on the asset.

  4. Click on the three dots ( ... ) below "Spot Balance"

  5. Choose "Send"

  6. Input the amount you want to Bridge

  7. Click Send

  8. Choose "To an address"

  9. Enter your own Chainge (or another Fusion address you control) address as the recipient.

  10. Choose "Fusion" instead of the original chain in the choice of what chain to use.

  11. Click "Pay now" and execute.

What happens when you do this?

  1. The assets gets sent into Chainge custody (same as when you time-frame something)

  2. An equivalent amount of the asset is minted on Fusion.

  3. The amount is sent to your Fusion address.

These assets will be in FRC758 format, just like CHNG. And you can use them outside of Chainge if you want. I decided to start LP contracts with Chainge BNB and Chainge CAKE on AnySwap, just to see if it works. And it worked just fine. The BNB was even already equipped with the appropiate BNB icon in the AnySwap UI.

This is also likely how the CHNG LP-contract on AnySwap started. Some random person noticed you could start liquidity there and simply did so just because it worked.

This is absolutely awesome in my opinion. It means all the assets supported by Chainge can easily be brought to Fusion by anyone and used in any app built on Fusion, whether that app wants them or not.

A noteworthy fact here is that bringing these assets to Fusion through Chainge is practically free. I've experimented also with bringing them back to the original chain, which does seem to come with a cost (looks like a small 1% fee is charged for this). But bringing the assets to Fusion is 100% free.

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Dejun Qian

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