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The End of FSNpool

FSNpool announced the following today after paying out monthly rewards:

"Dear stakers!

What a journey it has been. Full of excitement, challenges and restless nights. But it was all worth it as together we achieved a lot.

When we created fsnpool 635 days ago we didnt dare to dream that one day we will be the biggest FSN pool with 1250 tickets. Our goal was as little as 20 tickets. Guess we did something right to achieve that.

Doing the hard but hopefully right decision is why we´ve been struggling lately…

We will shut down from 01.04.2021.

Let you Fusion be free, without any limitation & time-locks!

January rewards will be sent out today (without time-lock) more info will follow in the next few days."

For stakers of the pool this was a big relief, since there hadn't been any communication for weeks. Though it's sad that FSNpool is shuting down, there's at least no need to worry about not getting rewards.

For those seeking a new node to pool with, look here for guidance .

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