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The three currencies of the FREEMOON faucet (FMN, FREE and FSN/FUSE)

I suspect most people who will read this, will already have been introduced to the FREEMOON faucet through

Basically it's a project that will offer a plethora of different ways to earn "free" money as long as you're ready to pay the 1 FSN subscription fee, and blow some FSN as gas while claiming the free money. You can read all about it @ and even try out the testnet contracts @

But what I want to do in this post is focus on the role each of these currencies will play and if there's anything that might make them worthy investents although they all were (or will be) "free", in one way or the other.

$FMN - This is the glorious prize that we hope to get FREEMOON faucet users to strive for and try and win. The maximum there could ever be is 1000, but it's highly unlikely we'll ever see that many, since they'll be 10% harder to win every time. If we ever go beyond 155 $FMN in my lifetime, I will be very, very surprised. And the reason it will surprise me is that in order to win FMN no155, it would take (on average) 100 billion attempts from adresses carrying a minimum of 100k FREE, but the absolute maximum amount of FREE that will ever exist is only 100 billion. So it's pretty much mathmatically impossible for all FMN to be won, just like it's mathmatically impossible for anyone to hack 0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 or any other specific wallet. Without any clues it simply takes too long. Earlier $FMNs won't come easy of course, but winning them will still be in the realm of possibility. It's going to be interesting to see at what point it takes more than a year to win the next FMN, without running things in practise, I think this is an impossible calculation to make. Overall $FMN will be very rare and it'll be tougher and tougher to win new ones and at some point the only hope of having some might be to buy it. If it's worth it or not to buy is impossible to say, but what can be said is that FMN will be the currency that will be pushed to represent the FREEMOON faucet. It's token image is the symbol we'll spread about everywhere and it's the only asset that we hope will find a life outside of Fusion, on other networks and centralized exchanges. And if there's a chance to push value in cooperations with other projects, here is where value will be pushed primarily. The downside of FMN is that unlike FREE and FSN/FUSE it lacks an inherent usecase, so it's value is more reliant on future adoption than any type of functionality. Its use is currently as a prize. But perhaps in the future it will be a prize that can be used to win other prizes. Noteworthy is that the inital mcap will be low. I won't reveal the exact value yet, but it will be low enough that it droping in value from that amount is highly, highly unlikely and I'll probably personally make sure it won't happen in my lifetime (if it ever happens for more than a day, feel free to sue me, for having written this).

$FREE - This is the ticket you need to collect in order to stand a chance to win $FMN and you get these tickets for free, through claiming them once an hour, through airdrops, through minting (with TL FSN) and also through time-framing $CHNG (more on this once it's reality). With so much $FREE to be gotten for free, could it really be worth buying FREE? I can't really answer this question. For sure FREE has not been designed as something you're intended to buy, but it's a currency that will get out there and get exposure to a lot of people since they can get some of it for free. That is actally good advertizement. Further it does have a solid usecase in that you need as much as possible of it to stand the best chance of ever winning a $FMN. Not all currencies really has a use case like this, but at least $FREE does have something. Also what we can be relatively sure of, is that $FREE won't drop in value super fast. The liquidity of 100 million $FREE will be locked with 1 $BTC. 100 million $FREE is quite a lot. It's 100 million hours of claiming, for example, if it all would happen on a single address. Of course, it won't happen like that. I'm guessing there will be 100k adresses or more claiming $FREE, so the circulation will probably be going up quite quickly. But even so, there is some chance that $FREE gains in value, because if some people really want to win $FMN, buying some cheap $FREE is one of the best ways to get ahead for a chance of winning the first $FMNs (which are also the easiest to win). Overall there is both reasons for $FREE increasing and decreasing in value from the initial value of 1 sat. So, whether it is good investment o not is tough to say, but if you want to win $FMN you do need some $FREE. How to get it is up to you. There's certainly no lack of options.

$FSN/FUSE - This is a difficult one to understand for those who are not already highly engaged in DeFi. FUSE was once upon a time a free airdrop given to all big FSN-holders at the time. A token with a total supply of only 2 FUSE. The intention at the time was to offer a way to provide liquidity with FSN without the need to invest in anything else. So, you could just take this free airdrop and provide liquidity with FSN and voila, the result would be a highly liquid asset. To encourage it happening a prize of 10 000 FSN was promised to those who did provide liquidity in the case it became 50% liquid (1 full FUSE). This has as of yet never happened, or even come close to happening, most likely because people don't realize they have some FUSE, or if they do, they might not know how to actually use it. It's not really much harder than figuring out how to use AnySwap on the Fusion blockchain with your holding wallet, but even so the amount of FUSE that never moved an inch is in a big majority.

At any rate, the FSN/FUSE LP-token has now found a new usecase as a governance token. And I think it is perfect as such, simply because 1. FUSE was awarded to very, very loyal $FSN hodlers. Because $FSN was not a very popular currency at the time of the airdrop, which came unannounced and those less loyal who recieved it will already have sold it off long ago, 2. Seeing how few have actually managed to add FUSE into $FSN/FUSE liquidity even though the rewards for doing so and getting involved in the voting is pretty good, I kind of consider anyone who has this LP-token as crème de la crème of Fusion loyalty and DeFi competance. And that also makes them fit to have a say in the governace and direction of the FREEMOON faucet. There's really no intention of ever advertizing this as an investment, nor make it easier to create. Even so, I would consider it something worthy of getting for an investor. Because there's only 2 FUSE and there'll never be any more and I'm also guessing that having some say in the FREEMOON faucet will get more popular and popular. Because unlike most governance protocols, this one will get used and heeded to and it's also very clear exactly how it functions as an up to date constitution is always kept.

I hope the above makes people see a good reason for the existance of all of these currencies. My advice to anyone that don't like that there's three, is to focus on $FMN. This is what should be marketed as broadly as possible and what we want to "moon" if possible.

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