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Weekend News Update - What's going on?

Since there is quite a few things to report, I decided to try to do it all in one post.

Work on the new website continues, and part of the future content can be found in a gitbook that was released for public view today. You can have a look at it here:

DJ Qian has also released more information about the new token format FRC758. The information is found in the following document:

Download PDF • 39KB

DJ also gave an interesting preview of how he envisions Chainge working as a fiat Gateway.

Seems like he truly wants everyone to literally be their own Bank with Chainge.

He has further let us know that he's working on a personal letter aimed at Binance and to engage himself personally in order to finally try to facilitate a listing for FSN on Binance. This letter has been quite debated.

Something more that's been heavily debated is a tweet I made myself aimed at Huobi.

The latest regarding this is that Huobi has promised to begin looking at provided documentation for getting this account unfrozen, starting on Monday. I really hope it doesn't drag out too long.

In the meantime it looks as though BitMax has taken the opportunity to acquire some more FSN, while simultaneously announcing that they will delist FSN, which sounds exactly like what Upbit did fbefore they began a pump last month. More details on this can be found in my latest tweet.

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